Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?

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Janet Napoles rubbing elbows with local politicians implicated in Pork Barrel Scam. Taken from http://www.rappler.com

Update as of Aug 4, 2013:

Overwhelmed by the interest in the blog generated a comment written by “Mr. Anonymous Commenter” who was moved to comment in my blog post.  Given the huge number of comments, I feel compelled to inform the readers that comments DO NOT necessarily reflect the views of the blog owner.  Note that I have chosen not to censor comments until now.  However, I regret that I have found the need to delete the last four numbers of the cellphone number another Anonymous commenter has posted as I cannot sleep knowing someone innocent may be a victim of harassment due to this.  Please do not post phone numbers in your comments anymore as there’s no way to authenticate the source of information and innocent Filipinos may be victimized because of this.  

Thank you so much.   


The recent news over the possible misuse of some Senator’s Pork Barrels which has ended up in the pockets of unscrupulous politicians and a very greedy businesswoman, Janet Lim-Napoles has swept social networking sites recently causing outrage among netizens.

This news, however, has taken on a new dimension with the revelation of Ms. Napoles’ children’s extravagant lifestyles taken from their own personal blogs that they have neglected to discontinue in time.  (See full article and video here: Napoles’ daughter blogs about lavish lifestyle and Napoles daughter flaunts family’s wealth) This information only strengthens the possibility that the accusations against Ms. Napoles and the senators just might be true.

How can someone who does business in a nation where over 70% of the population live below the poverty line afford this kind of lavish lifestyle without any legitimate business to explain it? Even the country’s biggest businessmen: Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and the Gokongwei families don’t have this kind of extravagant lifestyle even though they have more concrete businesses and assets to show for it.

In my curiosity, I went to the website of Ms. Janet Lim Napoles’ corporation called JLN Corporation to check out whether or not her claims of legitimately earning her wealth have any grounds.  Surely, if they had this huge business capable of sustaining their lifestyle, it would reflect in their websites and will have an impact on some business news if I search it online.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zero.

The website is a shell of a site devoid of any information.  It does not mention ANY products or specific services offered.  It’s just a hodgepodge of photos and mentions of exciting industries obviously taken online with no real indication of how they are directly involved in said industries.  The website continues to say that the company was established in 2009 and hints at subsidiaries but has no mention of the names of the subsidiaries which is weird at best.  I also tried searching their names online, thinking if they did earn their billions through legal means in other countries then their names will surely pop up on news or websites since people are fascinated with self-made billionaires… again.. nothing.

Napoles has recently offered to “open” her bank accounts.  Anyone with half a brain knows that means nothing.  In this globalized world, they can easily stash funds in other countries where bank secrecy laws are more strict and fewer questions are asked from depositors.

What I find more believable is the truth that came directly from the mouth of her “babes”… her children… who have shamelessly flaunted their unexplained wealth, in full photographic and video evidence, online.   To me, that bears more weight than any offer of opening local bank accounts.

Her own friends have backed up the claims by saying that she quickly grew into wealth, seemingly overnight, and wasted no time in letting everyone know it.

I believe that the people who are rich because they worked hard for it themselves would never boast about what they own.  They don’t need to boast because they feel secure about themselves (and it’s tacky too).  You would never see the children of tycoons boast about their purchases online.

To me, the worst part about this picture is that these people are flaunting their obviously excessive lifestyles which may have been obtained through corruption while so many Filipinos are going to bed hungry and unsure where their next meal will come from.

While they are shopping  walking around in bags that cost well over P500,000.00 a pop and prancing around in shoes that average at P40,000.00 a pair, there are Filipinos who don’t have access to basic necessities like public schools or public hospitals because the politicians claim there’s no budget to finance such projects.  There are Filipinos who don’t have homes and are forced to live in squalid makeshift homes even if they have legitimate jobs because the government can’t provide cheap housing within the city that is affordable to those earning the minimum wage.

It’s appalling on so many levels. What saddens me though is this issue may just go away without any further investigation.  Filipinos have notoriously short attention spans and it’s likely this Pork Barrel Scam will just die a natural death, like so many other corruption issues unearthed in the past.  Although none of the past corruption issues seem to be to this degree and implicate so many politicians, the possibility of a cover up will also be greater given how many people will benefit from this issue dying down.

I really hope this family (throw in the politicians implicated in the scam as well!)  will go under the relentless microscopic scrutiny they deserve.  And if found guilty, punished severely as an example.  That’s the only way to send a message that pocketing the money pegged for the growth of the nation is NOT okay.

I know, I know, they should be considered innocent until proven guilty.  But in my humble opinion, the stench of guilt is strong in this one.

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        SALAMAT PO.

      • Hindi daw makita sila Napoles et al. Gusto ninyo mahanap sila Napoles? Simple lang.

        Lahat sila may VIP Account sa Globe, sila Janet, Jimmy, James, Jo-Chris, Reynaldo lim, John Lim tsaka yung tatay niya na si Ronald Francisco Lim, lahat sila naka line na Globe.

        Lahat din sila naka iPhone 5. Ang operating system ng iPhone is iOS 6, may feature ang iOS 6 na “Find My iPhone”. Kaya sa mga nakakakilala sa kanila at alam ang mga personal email, malamang na yun din ang apple ID nila and pag alam natin ang apple ID, maha-hack natin ang ID at malalaman natin ang mismong eksaktong location nila.

        Pero bakit pa tayo magpapakadahirap, bakit hindi tanungin ng DOJ at NBI ang Globe kung asan sila eh alam na alam naman nila Ayala kung asan ang mga Napoles. Anonymous Inc., paki post itong comment sa fb page ninyo, para mabasa lahat ng nasa facebook.

        Dapat kasuhan din ang oligarch na si Ayala for obstruction of Justice. Lahat ng nakatira sa subdivision nila mga magnanakaw eh. Kaya lahat ng telepono nila Globe lines lang eh, para secured ang communication sa kanila lang mismo na mga magnanakaw.

      • Everything you see now in the news are all staged and lies to contain the anger of the people. Here are the facts:

        “CA freezes bank account of Napoles.”
        The accounts are Bank of the Philippine Islands-Tektite, BDO Unibank Inc, BDO Elite Savings Bank Inc, Citibank, HSBC Savings Bank (Phils) Inc: Land Bank of the Philippines (Greenhills), Metrobank Card Corp; United Coconut Planters Bank and Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. Napoles has pulled out all her savings and investments from these banks in June. It is August now. The freeze order from CA is completely useless. CA is making the whole country dumb. And the banks involved maintain their silence and that makes us more dumber. What will the CA freeze if there are no money left in those accounts? We know there’s no money anymore because we work there.

        The NBI warrant of arrest was first released trough different media outlets. Warrant of arrest should not be publicly disclosed. NBI made the move to make it appear that they are pursuing Napoles. The NBI can no longer be trusted, they have already been paid by all the congressmen and senators involved in this organized theft.

        NBI is pursuing Napoles for “kidnapping” charges – not the obvious case that she is involved in assisting politicians to steal, which is PLUNDER.

        Have you seen Benhur and Merlina Sunas lately in any TV shows or radio interviews? All the interviews by PDI to Benhur and Merlina were held in June and July. DOJ says that they are in protective custody. How can we be sure that they are still alive? We believe that they are already dead. Prove it to us that we are wrong. Give us proof of life that they are still alive. If you cannot give us proof of life anytime soon, then everything we hear, read and see about this case is a big lie. The Philippines has been taken to a ride once more.

        Like what we said before, bombings will happen, senators and congressmen were all involved and – nothing will happen to this case.

        Philippines, you now know the truth, it’s up to us now what we should do next.

      • Ang kapal ng mga mukha ng mga taong yan! Walang takot sa Dios. Isipin mo naman yang mga taong yan na nag bubulag bulagan sa mga nakikita na mga kababayan natin na namamalimos sa daan. Walang makain. Mga palaboy ng lansangan.My God! May the Lord teach you a lesson that will move your ass!!

      • Mabuti nga lang at naglabasan ang mga scam at corruption ngayon – iba talaga pag honest ang president – mahina lang kasi batas natin

      • people revolution is good for a short period of time.. then what’s next? just like those people power 1,2,3….? we are just changing the leadership but not the system of governance.. if we over throw the politicians who will replace them, their children, their wives (:-)), their padrino? its just the same old rotten system of democracy…. Filipinos esp the masses are not yt ready for that kind of system… lets modify our current system like.. abolition. of the upper house (just an additional expense), abolition of PDAF, right to vote would be base on ur income tax return, allowances of congress will be liquidated strictly.
        strict implemntatin of bidding rules, and etc..revolution is a bandaid solution… unless we dont have a concrete forward plan we will just end up into the bottom of the pit of corruption..

      • Nagkakamali ka, Kung meron mang dapat mabatikos, hindi si PNoy yun bagkus ang mga journalist “daw” at ang mga “karamihan” ng nasa posisyon sa ilalim ng pangulo. Hindi po natin maitatanggi na pati po tayong mga ordinaryong mamamayan ay participants sa pagnanakaw na ito KAHIT NA LINGID ITO SA ATING KAALAMAN AT HINDI NATIN GINUSTO. I’m asking for everyone to please understand our dear president who strives to straighten the path of our country. His means is undeniably good but the laws itself are limiting his visions and power; laws which are passed by the senators who are IN FACT “facilitators” of the scam from the people.

        I’m still a young lady (16) (a student from an active university), may exams ako, and tambak ako ng mga gawain pero tinapos ko tong basahin dahil sa ngayon, tanging ang maging MULAT at maging dahilan ng PAGKAMULAT ng mga nasa taong nasa paligid ko ang tangi kong magagawa pa lamang.

        To my fellow Filipinos, we don’t have the right to criticize the river if we have not participated in the cleansing of the river.

    • For the same amount of money, many people will do the same out of desperation and greed ‘cuz it’s easy money. Credibility, honor, dignity or whatever else you want to add, goes down the drain for most people in our country. Even people already in power can not resist it. What more to the majority of the population who have very little and probably just waiting to jump-in the bandwagon and probably willing to die for it in the process.


      It is almost Tuesday and we did not see any progress on this issue. Everyone involved in this case are all saying, “This too shall pass.”

      We made an analysis of the behaviour of this site, the users who wrote comments, the blog hits, tweets and its fundamental demographics. We are also going to interpret our findings based on the data presented here on this blog, making it a rationale evaluation to the population of the philippines.

      The approach of this analysis may differ than yours as a reader and some of you may not agree to our findings. We welcome comments, replies and constructive feedback. The sole purpose of this brief case analysis is finding out how we are inclined, as Filipinos, to be part of a solution. Looking deeply on the numbers of how big or small we are and the chances of winning our fight against government corruption and tax theft based only on the data on this blog alone. We shall also be referring “government corruption” and “tax theft” in describing the current situation of our country.

      At the time of this post, there are already 159,277 hits on this blog (statistics located at the top of this page, right side of your display) and surprisingly, there are only approximately 20,000 thousand “Likes” only on the social media site Facebook. The hits on this blog is not isolated in the Philippines alone, users abroad have already read this blog but on this instance, we will assume that all the hits are based only here in philippines. Under the assumption that everyone that went to this blog is connected to facebook, only 1 person per 9 people “Like” this blog. The figure dramatically drops on Tweeter and there are only 512 “Tweets” translating to only 1 person “Tweets” this blog in every 311 people who have seen or read the whole content of this site. There are only 646 comments since the blog started on July 31st. Lastly, there are only 171 subscribers on this particular blog that wants to be informed for the latest updates and comments.

      So the ratios for this blog are:
      Facebook likes – 1:9
      Tweets – 1:311
      Subscribers – 1:931
      Comments – average of 3 comments per hour

      How do these numbers reflect the political and social awareness of Filipinos? We will take into consideration that the current population of this country is 102 million. Subtracting from this number are the family members of congressmen and senators which is 9,360 in total, we have 101,990,640 occupants in this country that are deeply affected by government corruption and tax theft.

      In the positive intent that all relevant details and disclosures here that all Anonymous individuals posted on this blog were correct, accurate and updated, let us find out how far has this blog gone and to what extent its ratio to the population of the country.

      There are only 17 computer owners for 100 Filipinos. That gives us a fundamental ratio of 1 computer for every 6 Filipinos. (We will not consider Filipino users who have mobile devices and web access on their phones because we will sleep later and we don’t want to stress ourselves too much analysing.) In the assumption that only Filipinos who have their own computers are informed of this blog and have access to social media, out of the total population of 101 million inhabitants, only 1 Filipino out of 635 Filipinos have read this blog. That means that only 0.0015% of the population knows the details about this case. At the current hit rates per day on this site, it will take 4,439 days for all the Filipinos to read this blog and be informed. That will be 12 years. 12 long years so each and every filipino will have an idea about what’s going on.

      What do these figures mean? Will it take 12 more years before we start to make a change? 12 more years to pay more taxes to feed the 9,000+ starving and very poor families of congressmen and senators?

      It is a fact that not all of us will do something about this issue. We grew up in a society where stealing is one of the established social norm. It is already in the core fabric of our culture. It is a challenge for us to break that mold and the only way to do that is to educate as many Filipinos as you know that stealing should stop now. If they will not stop stealing from us, there will be nothing left to us because the people who run this nation will have everything we own one day. The way things go in this country, our children will not have a future tomorrow. We cannot rely with the local media because they monetize everything they show us. We cannot rely to our elected officials because they are the ones responsible of the current condition of our country.

      I need to change something. You need to change something. We need to change something. There must be someone, just even one person out there in the 101 million filipinos living in this country that may have a solution on how to stop government corruption and tax theft. The people who remained Anonymous here do not have the solution, they do not have the answer. They only gave us what we need to know, and that is already a big step forward in eradicating government corruption and tax theft. They have risked a lot and asked nothing in return. They have identified the core problem, their system, the structure, on how they operate – and it is time for us to do something to stop it.

      This blog has almost reached its 7th day. Based on the figures listed, the trend and the behaviour of each users logged in to view this blog – sooner than later, no one would ever care that this blog ever existed. That is the power of time, everything will be put into past and forgotten.

      Since the time of Marcos and its oppressive regime to the first people power and countless coup up to this time, nothing really changed. You and I are still slaves to the people that all of us elected. We gave them power to steal from us. We gave them the freedom to create laws that will enslave us. We gave them the right to steal the rights of our children to have access to good education. We gave them the privilege to have all the luxuries in life. We gave them our lives in exchange of false hopes and broken promises. We gave them our trust to lead and they lead us to our deaths.

      You already sold them everything and you were paid back with nothing but lies, deception and treachery. You were cheated and fooled by the people you trusted. And they are currently stealing from you at this very moment as you read these lines.

      Hanggang kelan Pilipino? Hanggang kelan?

      • Calling all back-ling builders and SEO optimizers. Pasikatin ang website na to!! share lang ng share twit lng ng twit!!

      • It’s because Filipinos would rather let Vice Ganda go trending worldwide than make this important issue be heard and put in the spotlight around the world.

      • Asan na kaya un mga nanggulo sa SONA ni PNOY? Kung kelan kailangan sila, ngayon naman sila wala. Diko talaga magets anong purpose nila in life at nanggulo sila sa SONA pero dito hinde…

      • sinusundan ko po yung takbo ng pagpapakalat nito, at sa aking network man din, Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon, kahit sinishare ko po araw araw, kokonti lang po yung may interes.. siguro po kasi sanay na sila na may makita na “scam” sa news na pinakakalat sa FB, hindi na po nila binubuksan o tinitingnan yung nilalaman. i personally do not dig into issues like this before coz i see it on the news, and it’s just “THEM” the powerful people who play around it, pin pointing the blame, outwit the other and so and so.. but this one really caught my attention because simply IT IS NOT IN THE NEWS. Mr/Ms Anonymous really answered my question on how these BIG POOPS do it and it is very clear in my tiny brain to understand everything. The word corruption is becoming a very common word even most common people are okay with it accepting it as normal. But after knowing the works they do, and how much they make and when you realize na yung kinakaltas na TAX sa yo buwan buwan ay pinakikinabangan ng ilang walang kwentang tao, paano po tayo matatahimik? OKAY lang ba yun?!!! Kahit yung mga kalsada namin dito sa sinasabing “pinakamayamang” isla sa Pilipinas, ay sobrang nakakaperwisyo, walang maayos na ospital, etc, etc… nakita ko pa sa listahan yung pangalan ng mga peste na sobrang matagal na nakaupo sa pwesto… at kung makita mo sa personal, parang sinong “anghel” pa humble humble na parang may gina gawang mabuti… ampocha! Ipakalat natin to tayo taga Mindanao at taga Bisayas! Siguro we start small – ipaalam lang natin sa lahat ng kapit bahay natin… MGA BISAYA! TAWAGA INYONG MGA SILINGAN DIHA IPABASA NINYO SA TANAN.. KUNG DILI KASABOT UG ENGLISH, ITRANSLATE. MGA ILONGGO, WARAY, AKLANON, CEBUANO, DABAWENO, SURIGAONON, TAGA COTABATO diha. WALA MAN TAY MABUHAT anang pag tapak sa ato, ginadulaan ra ta sa mga pestiha ni, MAS MAAYO NANG MAHIBAL AN NATO KARON aron muabot ang panahon, kita ang mag desisyon para sa atong kapuslanan. Everything lies in our own hands. Please share!

    • This isn’t news at all! There is nothing new about this. Leaders have been misusing their pork barrel funds for the longest time. The question is will heads roll? Will she and the politicians whom she allowed to use her, be ever prosecuted? Will Sen.Estrada & Sen. Revilla be held accountable? The pork barrel should be abolished!!! Everybody knows this Napoles woman is a dummy of the politicians and also a woman of disgrace. An absolutely disgusting human being! An abomination to the Filipino race!!! Everybody in govt know that the money was stolen and channeled to Napoles. Question is – with all the money she stole, how come she remains ugly. Get a plastic surgery for crying out loud!
      But seriously there should be a “People Power Rally” against corruption in govt. And the Church? Since they want to meddle in govt affairs – this is the time for them to condemn thieves in govt. God help the Philippines.
      This scam is very easy to prove if the govt has the political will to do so and if the Filipino people will rally against corruption. Problem is everyone in govt does it! I rest my case!

      • I agree.. A baranggay capt. In Bulacan once told me that her cut is 15% of the amount that is left from the project budget.. Higher officials’ cut is smaller in percentage but the amount of course is bigger since the base amount is bigger. And this according to her is SOP.

        Had a classmate in 2009 who is a son of politicians from the north. His daily allowance for food alone is 1000. Gmik money and money to buy other stuff is different. He has 5 or 6 siblings. When I asked a common friend about my classmate’s family business, I was just told that they are in politics.. Fast forward to 2013, he is now the mayor, his mom is a congresswoman.. Not exactly sure if his dad or any other siblings holds another position.

        Politics has been a good and stable source of money for the soul less people!

      (JULY 31 – AUGUST 6) UPDATES

      - Jimmy Napoles is a retired Marine Major officer and BFF with Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan. They are together in the failed coup attempt during the Cory administration. Jimmy Napoles’ was operating the .50 calibre gun of an APC or Battle Tank charging to Camp Crame when it ran out of fuel. Philippine Army fired mortar shells to the APC / Battle Tank and poured fuel and set the vehicle on fire to flush out people inside. The driver of the APC / Battle Tank Died and Jimmy Napoles was burned. Jimmy was confined at V. Luna hospital. Honasan was jailed.

      - The Napoles family are:
      Jaime “Jimmy” Napoles
      Janet “Jenny” “Dragon” Lim Napoles
      Jo-Christine “X-Tin” “Neneng” Lim Napoles
      James “Butsoy” Lim Napoles
      Jeane “Las Vegas” Lim Napoles
      Christian Napoles

      - The Luy / Lim Siblings:
      Ronald “Bullet” Francisco Lim
      Janet “Jenny” “Dragon” Lim Napoles
      Reynald “Jojo” Luy Lim

      - The Luys/Lims lineage originated in Mindanao, particularly in Maluso, Lamitan, Zambonga and Cagayan De Oro.

      - The Napoles family own properties in office unit in Ortigas, houses in Ayala Alabang, houses and plot of lands in Forbes Park, a Hotel in California, an apartment unit in Las Vegas, farmlands in Zamboanga and other real estate properties in the Philippines, USA and China, bank accounts in Philippines, USA, Hong Kong and China.

      - The Apprentices:
      John Lim (Eldest son of three children of Ronald “Bullet” Francisco Lim)
      Role: JLN Corporation money courier and delivery boy to the politicians

      Benhur Luy (Relative, half brother, anak ng katulong, of the Lims and Luys)
      Role: Works closely with Janet as an assistant, courier and accountant. Turned whistle blower after relationship fallout with Janet.

      Merlina Suñas (JLN Employee)
      Role: Installed as a President by Janet for the NGO People’s Organization For Progress and Development Foundation Inc. Turned also as whistleblower

      - There are still 4 unidentified whistleblowers under the “protection” of DOJ and NBI. All whistleblowers are former JLN employees.

      - These are the people with very very closed ties with Janet and served as bank / investment account holders after they turn the PDAF / SARO cheques into cash. Consolidated value listed is bigger than actual amount. Transaction period from 2007 – 2011.
      Gertrudes Luy: Php65milion
      William Lim: Php35million
      Vanessa Ajos Eman: Php30million
      Edwin Tan: Php10million
      Liza Ho Maclang: Php15million
      Winnie Villanueva: Php120million
      John Raymond De Asis: Php130million
      Rosita Kawson Co: Php Php32million
      Bonifacio Lao Maclang: Php10million
      Karen Panlilio Pantoja: Php40million

      - JNL’s NGO / Foundation that were created within 10 years:
      Development Program for Farmers Foundation Inc.
      People’s Organization for Progress and Development Foundation Inc.
      Philippine Agri and Economic Program for Farmers Foundation Inc.
      Agrikultura Para Sa Magbubukid Foundation Inc.
      Masaganang Ani Para Sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc.
      Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Developmen Foundation Inc.

      - Prospero Pichay created the Asia Prime Energy Development Corp (Asia Star Power Resources Corporation) and Jimmy Napoles is the Chairman Of The Board. The purpose of the corporation is to become a front company in the energy sector in Mindanao as a provider of electricity and power. Funding for their “proposed projects” will be coming from PDAF of house representatives members based in the South.

      - Manuel “Mar” Roxas is implicated because of his cousin / relative Johnny Roxas, a former JLN employee. The two Roxas received gifts like cars and watches from JLN as an incentive for PDAF allocations and signatures of mayors in the Negros region.

      - Panfilo Lacson is implicated because the Napoles and Lacson have the same real estate agent in purchasing houses in Ayala Alabang on San Isidro St.

      - Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrille, Tito Soto, Jurdin Jesus Romualdo, Zenaida Ducut, Prospero Pichay, Rene Maglanque, Albert OJ Ambagan, Erwin Chiongbian, Gregorio Ipong,Proceso Alcala, are only the FEW of the COUNTLESS politicians the benefited from JLN Corp. through their ghost projects and g

      - There are confirmed (or alleged?) 115 members of house of representatives that benefitted from JLN’s Foundation. They earned from Php2million to Php200million in a span of 10 years.

      - JLN Corporation has an office address at 2502 Discovery Centre in Ortigas Centre.

      - Discovery Center / Suites is owned by the Tiu family. Jose “Jun” Pareno is the COO of Discovery Suites. Ruben Tiu has a coal mining business overseas. One of the Tiu daughters is the girlfriend of James “Butsoy” Lim Napoles.

      - After the whistleblowers’ accounts, couple of bombs already happened in Mindanao, birth place of the Luys, Lims, and the Napoleses.

      - You can follow another blog at for another perspective:

      (Napagalitan ako ng boss ko dahil hindi ko na fax yung purchase order sa supplier namin dahil ginagawa ko ito. Hindi ko alam kung papano ako makakatulong sa bansa para malunasan itong issue na ito, pero sana sa pag summarize ko ng mga balita, makatulong ako. At kayo mambabasa para naman sulit yung pagalit ng boss ko sakin, i-share nyo na lang itong pinaghirapan ko sa mga social media sites niyo hanggang sa kumalat sa buong mundo.)

      • dont worry we will support you.. i will disseminate this to all the friends I know..u r a modern jose rizal..

      • san mo naman na gather tong data na to…but anyway it’s very informative…just say sorry to your boss…wish i was there to defend you or i’ll just do the faxing in your behalf…








      • ang sarap manindigan pero paano kung walng matinong tao na mag-stand up para protektahan ung right naten na manindigan, paano naten cla patatalsikin lahat kung wlang matinong tao ang willing mg-volunteer para baguhin ang bansa nten?

    • di na ako nakatulog sa mga comments ni mr. o ms. Anonymous na yan…

      is there by any chance this money crazed ingrates can be stopped, wag naman in a violent manner, yung legal? will foreign media be able to help? kahit anong avenue just to let this stench of corruption and greed be out in the open!?!? this country has been given title as to one one of the most corrupt countries, and we do not even care… naging ” immune” na si juan dela cruz sa amoy ng bulok na pulitika, na hindi na siya gumawa ng hakbang para matigil ito…

      the Lord sees this kind of wrongdoing, and like fattened sheep ready for slaughter, THEY will pay!

    • This is only one explanation why the population still is and a lot poorer than decades ago, in spite of the growth in national taxes generated from the people and businesses. Ti conscious countrymen of the 70%, pababaya-an lang ba ito? There were a lot of corruption instances uncovered by the press, nilaladlad na sa pamumukha ng mga Pilipino,” Lady Justice” (not de Lima) asking the populace to do something, to make a move, hanggang kelan kaya ng mamamayan mag pabaya sa katotohanan? It looks like this is the wholesale deal, panunu-orin nalang ba uli ito ng mga Pilipino sa Pilipinas? To the 70% rightful owners of the Philippine Nation, what are your obligations to yourselves, family, national future? Manunu-od nalang sa teleserye ng corruption? Nobody else will solve this situation but the conscientious Pilipinos/Pilipinas, who else? Otherwise you are all guilty of consenting to these abuses. I believe a big % of overseas Pilipinos/Pilipinas will support any move you guys make to terminate and seek justice to the guiltless offenders.
      One good idea is only pay half of the required taxes, until the stolen amounts are brought back or froze. Or better still hire a liquidator, they are all good to go, walang awa awa pa, sila ba ay may awa?

    • They are wearing “Anti-Lightning Gear”!!! LOL Seriously, this guys are powerful people and professional theft! The only action we can do is NOT to VOTE them during election… Let’s FIGHT corruption!! Vote wisely!!

  1. Janet Lim Napoles has strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, DBM Secretary. Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO is approved and to which senator or congressman.

    Gringo Honasan is a dear friend of Janet’s husband, Jimmy Napoles. I was surprised when I read somewhere online when Honasan was interviewed and he said that he doesnt know the Napoles family.

    During the coup in Cory’s time, Jimmy napoles was driving a tank on the way to camp crame when he’s tank was hit by a mortar.Jimmy is operating the .50 caliber machine gun and the soldier driving the tank died during the blast. Jimmy survived and was jailed along with Honasan. If you can get clear photos of Jimmy Napoles online, you will see that part of his face and his arms show burn marks.

    Their wealth started to build up during the late 90′s when they engaged themselves with mayors based in zamboanga to use them as a front for a Foundation that will implement projects or deliver farm materials. With connections at COA, they were able to arrange “completed projects” without delivering anything. They established JLN group of companies sometime in 2000 and they moved to their new office from AFPOVAI to Discovery Suites on the 25th floor.

    Soon enough, they were able to develop deep connections with more legislators in congress and numerous senators. What JLN Group Of Companies do and their sub-companie, Jo-Chris Trading (named after their eldest child, Jo-Christine “Neneng” Napoles) – they use their foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen or senators. You see, congressmen and senators have budget, PDAF or the “pork barrel”, but these politicians do not have direct access to their funds and they can never touch it. So what they do is the politicians will create a project (common one is “fertilizer distribution” to farmers) and will ask DBM to set the budget. Then, there will be a public bidding to be held by DAR. The outcome of the bidding is already fixed and it’s Napoles foundation wins. The fund or SARO will be released through Janet’s foundation and the congressmen/senators will ask 70% of the whole amount. So if the project is 10M, Janet will give 70% of that. Usually Janet’s nephew, John Francisco Lim is the courier of the money, they will meet at Podium or at a parking lot. The money are stored in plastic bags or paper bags.

    So, whatever is left from the budget, 30% goes to Janet. They usually cash-in the cheque they get from DBM at Landbank in Greenhills and the manager there is part of Janet’s payroll. Janet also need to pay the inspectors from COA and whoever is involved in DAR.

    This is their workflow.This is what they do for more than a decade. This is how the senators and congressmen make money. This is why theses politicians have so much and working class filipinos almost have nothing. This is not only Janet’s fault. The greediness of the senators and congressmen are the driving point that keeps this system operating. It is also amazing that if Janet’s family and her company goes into trial, the people who will try them – judges, senators, congressmen, are also part of this. I fear for the life of Benhur and Merlina as whistleblowers. Soon enough they will die. The people of the philippines should protect them. NBI or the witness protection program cannot do anything about it. Because they are keeping the whistleblowers alive for their own use only. Once Janet give payments to the NBI and once Revilla, Honasan, Arroyo, Pichay, Ducut, Pineda, Lim, Estrada, Soto, Lapid, and almost all the congressmen who were in post for the past decade, step in – there’s nothing benhur or merlina can do. They are as good as dead by now.

    Please post this on your social media and share it to the world. It is time to stop this madness and remove the pork barrel and protect benhur and merlina.

    • Oh WOW! You’re very detailed! I really hope that you’re talking to the media coz they can use this kind of information as well when they do their own investigations. You’re right we need to stop the madness. The country needs for this kind of thing to stop. THANK YOU SO MUCH for responding to my blog. I’ll try to find a way to get your message to as many people I know as possible.

      • And that is why s/he is anonymous. S/he’s not stupid enough to be a whistle blower. Or else she’ll be good as dead too. In reality, no one can protect them/us. All the people who is in power to do so is in on it. We can talk about this all we want. But as we speak these politicians are laughing taking poor people’s money.

      • It is appalling to see that the banks involved in facilitating the money of Napoles’ business remain silent up to this date. The managers of the banks involved were completely aware of this fraud and they consistently receive cash bribes from Janet.

        These are the banks that became key instruments in Janet’s business:

        LANDBANK (Greenhills Branch)
        LANDBANK (Pasig City, DECS Office Branch)
        METROBANK (Ortigas Center Branch)
        METROBANK (Jose Abad Santos Manila Branch)
        METROBANK (Magdalena Binondo Branch)
        UCPB (Makati Head Office)

        Accounts at Landbank and UCPB have been closed in June /July 2013. Accounts at UCPB and Metrobank were a combination of Investments and Savings Accounts. If the NBI and DOJ are sincere in pursuing this case, they can easily ask these banks of all Janet’s bank transactions and they will find out right away all the ins and outs of Napoles’ money.

        To all the accountants and bank managers who were involved in these activities, you should all be ashamed of yourselves because the money that you kept and used came from all of us and, if it is not still clear to all of you – all of it were stolen.

        Everyone who uses these banks have a moral obligation to pull out all their money, investments and deposits if you feel that you need to stop your relationship with them. Abandoning these banks is a small step to fight corruption because they serve thieves as their primary customers.

        A number of readers on numerous blogs keep on asking how they can fight government theft. This is one way – tell everyone you know not to put money anymore in these banks and inform everyone on social media.

      • we cannot blame the bank of keeping their silence up to this moment… they are also protecting their clients’ interest and they are bounded by The Bank Secrecy Law. The only way to chck on their accounts is by waiver of the depositor or by court order. The NBI n DOJ were doing their job but they also cannot look into all the alleged accounts because they are not named directly after JLN who is the subject matter in this case. Remember that they included their yayas and other household members as incorporators. Unless, they cannot present enough evidence to implicate them, the government cannot look into their accounts. And evidence is not easy to procure especially when they are personal in nature. Let’s just help keep this blog alive, help share the news (pls check PDI website… the round table discussion would tell you if JLN is innocent or guilty) so that more witnesses are willing to help assist us in this battle against corruption…

      • +++++++++
        We need to connect to the masa, mr/ms anonymous. Do you have infos on the kabits, showbiz connections and the like?

    • Anonymous … salamat sa mga infos mo … sana gumamit ka na ng more specific name kaysa Anonymous mukha kasi marami nagpo post here na anonymous din ang gamit na name … para madali i follow mo mga informative posts mo … mabuhay ka :D

      • Or di kaya i customize mo gravatar mo para madali ma follow mga posts mo … mukhang may troll na nagpo post under anonymous din na tinitira ga post mo :P

      • Oh common any thinking person who knows how cheap is the life of honest people in the Philippines who knows the ins and outs of graft and corruption cannot use their real name. I mean look at Jun Lozada, look at all the whistle blowers. There are glaring examples of why can’t just anyone open their mouths to the reality.

        For anonymous, salamat po sa very detailed information na inilabas niyo about the money flow and the people involved. Makakatulong pag madami ang nakakaalam at hopefully dumami sa mga Pilipino ang galit sa corruption para it will be easier for whistle blowers to step-out and talk kasi masmadami ang makikinig at maniniwala sa kanila. Mabujay po kayo!

    • Excuse me, Joker Arroyo (if you were referring to him in your comment above) uses his option NOT to get his PDAF (along with Lacson). So I do not think he would be part of your assumption. :)

    • 90% accurate….let me give some more facts, jaime napoles was injured on the said 90s coup, he was on an APC and not a tank. he was not jailed with gringgo, he was confined to v.luna guarded by marines. all papers incriminating him filed in JAGO was lost due to unexplainable reason

    • I think the serious solution to the problem of corruption is to give a market rate salary to politicians. I think the President should earn NO LESS THAN P100 million a year, senators should get around P50 million and congressmen should get P20 million. That way, the system will be changed so that honest people will be content with what they legitimately earn and influence their peers not to engage in corrupt practices.

      • I like this Idea that Govrnment officials from President down to Brgy Councilors would have basic salary ahm lets say P500 a day hahahaha and deductions such as GSIS & Philhealth. They shouldn’t be treated like King and Queens. They were voted to serve The people not the other way around. Pork Barrel will be abolish, then we’ll see who still have the guts to run for those position in the government. <

    • Very detailed. Information like this should only come from someone who has been in the loop also, at least for a while. Inaabangan ko itong issue na ito. Maganada man at meaty ang info, at the end, it also saddens me to know how true and at the same time hopeless that,like Lozada, minsan napapasama pa ang mga whistle blowers. Sana may pagbabago this time.

    • Bless you whoever you are for knowing this piece of info and exposing it as it is. And for the perpetrators of this sCAM the best that I can say is may you rot in HELL.

    • I reposted ur detailed ‘salamagan’ expose to raissarobles.com…including ur blogsite….

      kaya pala, pobre pa rin ang bayan ko jujujujujuuuuu….mula marcos hanggang ngayun…

      May God in heaven have mercy our b

    • I read from today’s (8/5/13) Inquirer that Jimmy Napoles was driving a tank to Camp Crame when he ran out of gas! Then soldiers doused his tank with gasoline to flush him out. That’s why he got those facial/arm burns. Pathetic!

  2. No, i will never talk to philippine media. local media is rubbish. we can ask noli de castro about that. and i am very sure that he too will say, “i havent heard janet napoles or met her before…” Of course, why would he tell the world that he knows janet after he earned hundrer millions of pesos through her company? We can also ask noli who lives in his villa in tagaytay highlands. Oh, i forgot, i think it’s one of his mistresses.

    nevertheless, the napoles has been moving their money the past few weeks so most of their money are not in the country anymore. the people need to ask the female manager at metrobank binondo, she’s related to janet napoles brother, ronald “bullet” francisco lim. “Bullet” is also one of the incorporator’s of janet’s countless foundations. the people of the philippines should also ask the manager at landbank greenhills. Maglanque holds a post before at DOTC, and the Napoles’ made a lot of money by providing countless transactions through DOTC using numerous congressmen and senators between 2002 – 2011. Zenaida Ducut, previous congresswoman in one of the provinces in Pampangga made a killing through Janet’s company. They also have strong ties with the Ampatuans in the south and yes, they also benefited from Janet’s company. Previous PNP chiefs during the Arroyo administration also used JLN Corporation as the foundation to supply communication radios initially valued at Php5,000 only to be listed in the receipt given to COA valued at Php65,000 each.

    Let’s stop and reflect, if the local media publishes these facts, do you think that the current government CAN do something? NO. even if noynoy wants to punish Janet and even if he’s the president of the country, he can only do as much because our constitution does not allow the president to tackle these crimes. because that is not included in his job description. It’s a pity that people accuse the president of doing nothing. Yes, he cannot do anything about it because our law doesnt allow him too. You want something to be done with this issue? If noynoy declares martial law and will have complete authority over these issues, yes, he can hang all the senators and congressmen. But will noynoy declare martial law? No. not because the people of the country doesnt want to – its because noynoy wont bring back the years that caused his father’s death.

    The current situation in the country has reach an impasse. unless the people do something about this, we will remain right where marcos left off – corruption everywhere and escalation of poverty.

    • that’s true there are a lot of dirty media men also. You should start a blog all about the Napoles’ scam and all the politicians! You have enough info to do it!

    • Amazing level of detail! I wanted to know more so I kept scrolling down, but this is your last comment. I’m hoping you’ll share more of your knowledge on these evil doings to the Filipino people. Do you have a blog or any other site you share your thoughts in? I know you want to remain anonymous but these information shouldn’t be left unsaid. Let’s use the world wide web as a medium to share awareness on these issues (while you remain anonymous), as they have less control over it as compared to our local media.

      • oo nga! why do you know so much? your probably part of the scam as well that is why you refuse to go out to the public or be named.

        Malakas lang ang loob mo magsulat dahil hindi ka naman nakikita o nakikilala ng mga tao.

        anu bang credibilidad ang maipapakita mo para maniwala kami?

        malicious prosecution at libelous and mga sinasabi mo..

      • Anonymoys 11:26AM eh bakit ikaw anonymous? Instead of thanking him/her for the info which can become a lead, you even made accusations? Barkada ka ba ni Napoles … and oo Anonymous din ako, ayaw ko nga iflood mo FB ko eh you’re like stupid in my eyes capable of doing more stupid things like you stupid comment … stupid!

      • ay ang panget naman ng reply ng isa dito. buti nga meron pang nagsasalita at sana totoo at maging of use.. pinantasan pa niya instead..e di kung hindi totoo e di hindi.. bakit pati pagkatao ng tao gusto niyang isusuyosohin ? siguro kamaganak ka na ni Napoles noh.. yan di ba ganyan ka magtanong ?

      • You’re an idiot to say he’s/shes a coward! Put yourself on that person’s shoes, are you willing to risk your life and the people you love?! When you have no good to say you shut the fuck up! Stupid asshole! Instead, you share what you’ve learned. At least you’ve helped educating others! Pissed!

      • Salamat sa info galing sa lahat. Ano ba dapat natin gawin? Let us share the info to everyone and we may see more data coming in. Let us also push for the passing of the FOI bill ASAP, no alibis accepted, no delays are allowed. Kita nyo, Noynoy is not a good guy otherwise he should have initiated the FOI immediately upon assumption of office for the purpose of transparency. All these graft happened because we’ve been kept in the dark all these time. We cant get any more information about the corruption unless we can see their files. Therefore, prosecution is not going to be possible. It will just be one coverup after another, with Pnoy directing the whole setup. Obviously he is also busy with his own pork, and inspite of his statements against abuses, he never had the balls to end it.

        Napoles wont be found easily because the people supposedly looking for her are the ones protecting her. Lawmakers involved will also want her out of the picture until the issue dies down. Have they asked for interpol assistance? They have not, because she must not be located. The media is part of the conspiracy. So what should we do? We must pressure govt to keep the whistleblowers alive and available to the public eyes, and to produce napoles. We must also demand that pork budget stop unless issues are resolved. Otherwise, our govt will just be admitting that they are good-for-nothing and we are not paying taxes and we want them to go on mass resignation.

        Walang magbabayad ng buhis kung inutil ang gubyerno!
        1. Pass the FOI bill this week.
        2. Assure the health and safety of all involved whistleblowers.
        3. Find Napoles and investigate.
        4. Persecute corrupt individuals.
        5. No pork allocation unless issues ate resolved.
        6. Order Pnoy to put his pork into the general fund.
        Measure themselves by the same measurement they imposed on ordinary thieves para maniwala ulit tayo na justice is blind and what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
        Pag di natupad ni Pnoy, wala cyang kwenta, kasabwat cya. No taxes!

    • It would still be better to go out in mass media, since there are some opposition outlets, like some newspapers. That lends credibility to your statement. You can blog, it may help, but going into some media is still better. Just sticking to comments like these would have the effect of a manghuhula spreading chismis. Just saying.

      • magaling na guro.. marunong magmando ang iba sa atin..tingnan natin kung basta na lang gagawin ng mga ngbibigay ng advise .. kung hindi asarin ang manunulat,, namamagaling naman…

    • tsk, tsk… i can just shake my head and weep inside. is this how hopeless this case is? if martial law is the only way to nail these people, i do not mind if pnoy declares it. few good men…this is how to describe the government. kakaunti nalang talaga. once this case goes into trial, as grim and dirty as this one, which i believe should be, mas malaki ‘to di hamak kesa sa nbn zte deal. trial of the century ito.

  3. I saw an interview of janet, jimmy and two of their children, jo-christine and his younger brother. The interview was conducted by Korina Sanchez. I was amazed how Korina played on the set and in a very sublime manner, projected the Napoles family as a victim.

    Let me explain.

    Korina is married to Mar Roxas. Mar is from Iloilo and he has a cousin, Johnny Roxas. Johnny stands 6’2, fair, brown hair and brown eyes. Johnny is a good looking male and a mestizo. Johnny used to work at JLN Corp. and he used his connections through Mar when he was still “Mr. Palengke.” Johnny earned significant amount of money by closing deals and getting the SARO of some congressmen and mayors and governors with the help of Mar. But Johnny had a fallout with Janet when some some cash commissions were not equally divided to him. He was also hoping to have a Mercedes Benz as a incentive from one of his successful transactions from a congressman based in Samar, bur Janet failed to deliver the car to him. Johnny soon left the company upset. Nevertheless, Johnny left JLN with few million pesos richer, and Mar Roxas a few million above 10M richer. Johnny Roxas became visible again in the political arena when he joined the campaign camp of Fernando Poe Jr. He was always visible on TV appearances and newspaper photos sitting or standing beside or behind Poe. With this said, Mar Roxas has ties with Napoles and that explains the interview with Korina that appears to be biased with the Napoles’. And you now know the reason why.

  4. Is it possible for you to share your blog to facebook and othe social media sites? If yes, you’ll be doing the country a favour by opening their eyes through this blog and our conversation.

    • I have shared this on Facebook and twitter but to my own circle. Maybe you can help me spread the blog to your circle as well. Based on stats the blog entry has been read by over 500 people in the past two days alone. :) that’s some small achievement to spread awareness.

  5. This is the link of Korina Sanchez’s interview with the Napoles:


    Present in the interview are Janet “Dragon” Lim Napoles (no one calls her Janet, everybody knows her as “Jenny” or “Tita Jenny” or “Madame Jenny”, and to her extended family, she is called “DRAGON” because of her temper against her household helps and relatives in Zamboanga), Jenny’s husband, Retired Marine Major Jimmy Napoles. Their eldest child, Jo-Christine “Neneng” Napoles and James “Buchoy” Napoles.

    Their faces are covered in the interview but you can see their family photo here during Jeane’s birthday party in Beverly Hills CA:

    This is a straightforward explanation of how JLN Corporation created their wealth in the past decade:

  6. I dont have social media presence nor in the internet. My only platform is through this blog – your blog. I don’t even know you and perhaps you will never know either. As long as i am still alive, I will post on this blog if you dont mind. Thanks for doing sharing your blog to your social media nonetheless.

    This news is slowly fading away and only a couple of local media outlets are currently covering it. The Revillames and Estradas are already preparing their speeches should this issue reach the senate. Some speculations in the current congress thinks that this issue is bigger than the corruption of Gloria Arroyo itself so everything is carefully planned out for the next step. There are extreme suggestions within the congressmen involved to create mass hysteria and stimulate “terrorism” activity in the city. They are planning to set off explosives in public places soon and will blame it to the Reds (CPP-NPA) organization.

    Do you think that the Ayala Mall explosion before is an “accident”? How about the recent explosion in one of Ayala’s apartments in The Fort? Has anyone of you heard the case again and its updates? None.

    It doesnt make sense, does it?

    The Napoles lives in Ayala Alabang. Their house is adjacent to Ping Lacson. When Lacson bought the house in Alabang, this was the time when he and Erap were throwing accusations against each other. There was a news clip before of an interview to Lacson and he consistently denies that he does not have a house in an exclusive village. The Napoles’ was laughing hard because the family was the one who recommended that house to Ping.

    As you can see, a significant number of residential owners in Ayala Alabang have sits in congress, senate, supreme court, mayors and governors. The Ayala’s are not in the position to deny these individuals who belong in the government from buying properties.

    Imagine that at this very moment you are reading this and all the houses with owners that have sits in the govt disappear in thin air – how many house units will be left in Ayala Alabang? Let us say that ayala alabang will be like empty plots of land like in Fairview or Rizal. That is how significant these home owners are to the Ayalas.

    How about Forbes? The Napoles have properties in Forbes Park as well. Who developed Forbes Park in the 70s? The Ayalas. And the same home owners in ayala alabang can be found in forbes park. The explosions in the ayala properties were no coincidence. They used it as a platform to divert the attention of the masses so that local media will cover the explosion news instead of corruption expose’ involving key individuals from the congress and senate during those times.

    Now they will do it again soon. But this time, it will be exactly similar like the MRT bombings and bus bombings like before – they will bomb the public. Once this happen, all news will be focused on the bombings and slowly the Napoles and all the congressmen and senators, and judges, and secretaries, and undersecretaries will slowly crawl in the dark, away from all of us, together with all their wealth.

    Oh, havent i mentioned that Jenny has already moved her money from landbank, metrobank, bpi, banco de oro and consolidated all of their accounts to HSBC hong kong recently? Ooooppss.

    • Thanks for choosing my blog as a platform then. Your comments are way more interesting and explosive than my original post. Haha My post was purely an opinion from an appalled citizen.

      • Mabuhay ka MommyJ for your blog … its a big contribution in making Kababayans aware with this issue … sino ba ang unang nag labas ng story on this corruption scam involving the Napoles family ?

    • Forbes was established and developed in the 1940′s post war. Just so we have the facts straight but interesting information you got there.

    • Uh, sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but the explosions happened before the Napoles news became headlines. A little checking won’t hurt.

      • You have very poor comprehension you idiot. People like you think that they are really smart by pointing out details such as this when you haven’t even understood what he was talkin about.

    • “The Revillames and Estradas are already preparing their speeches should this issue reach the senate”

      Sabi ko na nga at may kinalaman ang hayop na Willie na yan dito eh.

      • Are you “Tita Marylou”, friend of tita Jenny? Are you the one with long nails and scary hair and wears very strong perfume and married to an expat? Diba may utang ka pa sa JLN? Bakit ka Pro JLN? Natatakot ka na baka ipapatay ka kaya nag volunteer ka na mag comment mina dito habang nag papa-parlor ka?

        San ba ulit bahay mo? Sa Greenhills yung along ortigas ave na kita yung bubong sa highway?

    • “The Revillames and Estradas are already preparing their speeches should this issue reach the senate.”

      Sabi ko nga may kinalaman ang hayop na Willie na yan sa eskandalong ito eh.

    • kaya ba may CDO blast at gigil na gigil imbestigahan ni mr palengke??

      ingat ingat lang sa labas baka may “terrorista” na naman mangbomba sa metro manila..

      • is this related to the recent bomb threat in UP-M? hope not. kahit wala talagang bomb. masama lang talaga makakaiisip ng mga ganung bagay.

    • Wow totoo nga! 2days after ng post mo ang daming bomb explosion s Mindanao! So Hindi lng to conspiracy theory ! Grabe ang media! Bayaran!

    • Grabe nakaktakot nmn! August 2 yung comment and after ng date na yan 2 bombings na ang naganap sa Mindanao para matakpan ung Pork barrel Scam!

      • Everyone is asking why are bombs exploding in the south and not in metro manila? The family of Napoles originated from the south, they can speak Tsabakano and they were born in Lamitan, Basilan. Fundamentally, their stronghold is in the south and they have ties with the Ampatuans. Jaimes Napoles is also a retired Marine Major and he still have access in the armory in zamboanga. It does only make sense for Napoles and his PDAF sources and bosses to bomb the south instead, particularly CDO. Just my 2 cents.

    • I am adding a new blog based on the Anonymous Commenter and the Terrorist Bombings …


      To Anonymous, though.

      The comments section of this blog is getting too long and hard to read, just too many text to go thru. If you want to bring your message across effectively, you will have to do or find another way, perhaps start your own blog. If not, it will just be wasted because what you have to say will just be buried under thousands of words. Anyway, just a suggestion for you …

  7. Those facts of blowing up buildings, bombing public transport and killing innocent civilians in the process is outrageous. Yes, it is beyond me how they do that. At what cost? Let’s do the math here and lets figure out why the philippines is still poor and why the congressmen, the senators will go as far as killing us all.

    Currently, the philippine senate and congress is already drafting the budget for 2014 and it’s roughly Php2.3trillion. Yes, that is our country budget and that is made up of all the taxes that everyone paid. That is almost US$57.5B. That is a lot of zeros. Every year, the pork barrel allocates Php200M for EACH senator and Php70M for EACH member of the congress. There are:

    24 Senators with 6-year terms maximum of 12-years
    288 Members of Congress with 3-year terms maximum of 9-years

    1 Senator x Php200M x 6yrs = Php1.2Billion per Senator for his full 6-year term.
    1 Congressman x Php 70M x 3yrs = Php210M per Senator for his full 3-year term

    Because all senators and congressmen are very patriotic and want to serve our country to their maxed out terms, let us do the math again:

    Php1.2B x 2 = Php2.4B in 12-years pork barrel per senator
    Php210M x 3 = Php630M in 9-years pork barrel per congressman

    These are the amount of each senators and congressmen allocated to them in their respective tenures. Imagine the market value of this sector – the way Janet imagines it.

    Because of companies like Janet, all the people that you vote use similar corporations like of Janet to steal money from the people’s coffer – from you, from us. Just imagine the huge amount once they’ve get a hold of their budget. Now think deeply why our country is still a mess. Can you now see the whole picture why our country is still poor? Why you, the reader of this blog, works so hard yet you save nothing?

    This has been happening since the times of Marcos. The only difference is, during Ferdinand’s time, he’s the only thief and his cronies so the effect is the country doesn’t notice that they are “poor”. When Apo was ousted, EVERYONE sitting in power is a thief. Now the country can definitely feel poverty.

    The figures listed above remain as the key motivator to Janet Napoles. That is why she is reach. That is why ALL members of the congress are filthy reach, That is why ALL senators are filthier. The sad fact is, there are numerous companies similar to Napoles that operates as we speak. Then why is Janet so popular? Because her company is generous to the greedy congressmen and senators, her company is the only one that can afford to give as high as 85% cash-on-hand off from their allocated budgets. Other companies similar to Jo-Chris Trading and JLN Corporation can only go as high as 65%.

    Close your eyes now and imagine a senator gets 85% of Php2.4B. Now think about why ramon revilla – bong revilla, the arroyos, enrile, lacson, estradas and all of them are still in power, one generation to the other.

    Open your eyes and reach to your pocket – how much do you have?

    • ERRATUM:

      - Reach should be “RICH” (damn you autocorrect)
      - Remove the “s” on nouns preceded by the word “each” (should be singular)

      • you’re one goddamn anonymous grammar nazi! but your revelations are explosive! i am reading the comments and your exposes with nothing on my pocket. damn!!!

    • Huwag nyo kalimutan si Jojo Binay, who also receives P200 million pork yearly at his request and which has been approved by Pnoy. Wala namang ilalaan o irerelease na pork kung hindi ito nilalagay ng presidente sa General Appropriations Act! Bottom line, kung ibinoto nyo ang sinumang senador o re[presentative o party list rep na nagaabuso, sangkot din kayo!

    • well i have a few thousand bucks in my imitation lacoste purse. saved for my baby’s milk, diapers, plactic cabinet, and few luxury like mcdo value meals… hehehe. rich, huh?

  8. People in the internet challenges me if i have proof. No i do not.

    But i can tell you that there are two metal safes inside JLN Corp.’s office at 2502 Discovery Suites in ortigas. One safe is inside Jimmy Napoles’ office and the other one is in Janet’s office. Their office also have a small storage room where all previous invoices and receipts that were never use during the past few years are being kept. If you, the reader can magically teleport yourself in that room, you will definitely find all the answers to your questions.

    There is also a 5-drawer filing cabinet (metal and beige in color) in front of Janet’s office door where all files of each congressman, senators, mayors, governors, secretaries, undersecretaries, are nicely filed and named. Each folder contains copies of cheques, cash vouchers, petty cash vouchers, receipts of cash advances and bank account details for each transaction.

    If by any chance that this blog has reached the Napoles family, they will move these safes and drawers outside their office ASAP. They will use the utility elevators located in the back of the building to transport the cabinets and all its contents. Once they reach the carpark, they will go to carpark slot number 1 to load these things. Janet owns carpark numbers 1, 2 and 3 at Discovery Suites. It is a good thing to also ask Jun Pareno, one of the big bosses of Discovery Suites, how he helps the Napoles family all throughout these years conducting VVIP services to some congressmen and senators as part of Janet’s perks to them using the hotel services.

    Going back, those drawers will be moved in binan laguna in one of their houses there and everything will be burned. This has not happened yet. And if you, the readers, do nothing, once those drawers are out of the streets, there goes your evidence. Don’t let the local san juan police raid their office because that is part of their plan – to have the police storm their office and make it appear that everything is being seized. Of course, what safer way it is than to transport the cabinets escorted by law enforcement officers only to be burned after.

    Clever. Very clever Janet indeed. Was it that Jinggoy’s idea or Gringo?

      • Obviously, he must have been one of the private security group haha! on a second thought, he must have been an astral traveller.. LOL. Kidding! Thank you anonymous!

    • wtf, you have a very detailed info right here. we should not further release this in public. the problem is where the hell will we forward this info? to the office of the President? or our government is too f*cked up we should give this to the international community / UN.

      • we can help by copy-paste-ing this link/thread sa mga websites ng mga public officials, nbi, etc. just to create awareness. which i am gonna do.

    • two things right here: either you are involved and is under Janet’s paycheck and your conscience started to bother you, or you are a legal employee that can’t stomach the anomalies being done by your boss. either way this is a serious allegation but i have this feeling all of these are true. you should share everything you know perhaps in the office of the president, or in the international community.

      • Tama Mr. Anonymous whoever you are. Ang dami kasing anonymous. Pero yung anynomous na may alam talaga. Para to sayo. Sana para kang Snowden. Protektahan ka ng mga Pilipino at ng mga taong may malasakit sa mga Pilipino. Huwag kang mag-alala.

    • you are very detailed. I just hope that Raissa Robles is reading comments here. she will be a big help to disseminate your info.

    • Just thinking, this would make a good movie.

      Not that I doubt you. It’s just that i’m already playing the scenes in my mind, and this would really make a good movie. haha

      • Parang movie lang.. Sana may isang tao na nakakuha ng video ng isa sa mga transactions between any congressman or senator and napoles para saktong sakto sa mga conspiracy movies na napanood ko.. Wish ko na eto ang mga makuhang eskandalo ng mga magagaling nating reporter at hindi yung mga walang kuentang balita nila na umeere araw araw sa tv.. Totoo ang mga ganitong scam, i’ve been employed before sa isang construction company na gumagawa ng ilang kopya ng bidding documents na iba iba pangalan ng construction companies tas syempre may the best bidder wins at alam nyo na siguro kung kanino napunta ang project, btw, those were government projects, mga palengke ang ginagawa.. May boom ng mga public market noon araw at mostly sa mga probinsya eto.

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  10. I would like to contribute to this blog.

    The Napoles speak fluent Chabakano.

    They are rich because they do business in both sides – opposition and coalition. They started poor in the 70s – 80s selling packed lunch (similar to jolly-jeep) at the premises of AFP since Jimmy is a Marine. Officer.

    I don’t have a single clue where the f*ck they get the idea that they are into the coal mining business.

    Janet and the female owner of AM-Europharma are BFFs. That explains their mansions in Laguna because AM-Europharma’s factory is in Laguna.

    Eddie Badeo is effing naive. Everything she said is spot on and correct. But, all martyrs die in the end.

    There are three siblings in the Lim family, Ronald Francisco Lim, Janet Francisco Lim, Reynald “Jojo” Luy Lim. “Jojo” is a half brother and Benhur Luy is related to Reynald. That’s why they could not kill Benhur when they still have a chance. But now they all wish him dead.

    Jo-Christine Napoles is a graduate from St. Benilde. Her brother, James Napoles is also from Benilde.

    Benhur is as guilty as Janet – they both became rich helping politicians steal from us.

    Merlina Sunas is still poor and helpless. Janet used her all throughout these years. Save Merlina and let Benhur die.

    Patayin na natin lahat ng mga kongressman at senador! at bantayan na ang mga airport dahil tumatakas na sila isa isa!

  11. Everyone wants to know the identities of the congressmen and senators and cabinet members and judges that have business relations with JLN Corp.


    There are numerous security cameras installed in Janet’s office and the recording machine is located in her room. You will see all the people that comes in and out of their office – including ALL the politicians in HD viewing.

    If by any chance they have deleted it, the people of the philippines can ask Discovery Suites CCTV footage of their hotel entrance at the back of their building. Or the CCTV at the Serendipity Lounge. It is also interesting to check the CCTV footage of Landbank Ortigas and see how many times the employees of JLN come in and out in a day for the last five years. Or probably all CCTV at the banks in Greenhills (along ortigas avenue) because most probably, JLN Corp have accounts on them.

    We might as well try CCTV footage at Starbucks and Dome Cafe at Podium. I am sure as hell that they will find videos there for the past 3 or more years.

    But people, we better act fast because once they read this blog, those videos are good as gone.

    • And what exactly are you expecting the filipino people to do? In a few weeks from now all they will be talking about is what happens in My Husband’s Lover or some other idiotic excuse to relieve themselves from the truth that they cannot do anything. The same reason why people like ms napoles is confident enough that no matter what, they can get through this. This trait of the filipinos has become to old and we all know we cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Just get rid of them permanently.

    • i wonder what action you are asking from the Filipino people. i am really thinking what things i can do. pray tell me.

      • This is just a suggestion, how about p assasinate nlg natin lahat ng mga yan.. problem is yung png bayad sa mg assasinate..

    • At first, i doubted Anonymous’ credibility, but after I read the interview of Janet at Inquirer and Janet told the reporters that their office has CCTV cameras, i can confidently say now that all Anonymous’ accounts are spot on. This only proved that Janet together with the congressmen in the list that Anonymous provided and senators are all thieves. Kinawawa nila ang taong bayan.


  12. Only in the Philippine Island……if you have the dough and if you commit any crimes you can easily get away with it.

  13. Go for a PEOPLE POWER then!!!!This is terrible. And we even see these creatures on televised masses and charity activities- all for show. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. May lightning strike you up to the last skin of your lineage. To hell with you!! Now we know why we’re being spit at when advocate for honesty and dedication in the service!!! Wala na nga pala kaming ipinaglalaban. Shame on you and our families!!!

  14. Go for a PEOPLE POWER then!!!!This is terrible. And we even see these creatures on televised masses and charity activities- all for show. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. May lightning strike you up to the last skin of your lineage. To hell with you!! Now we know why we’re being spit at when we advocate for honesty and efficiency in the service!!! Wala na nga pala kaming ipinaglalaban. Shame on you and your families!!!

    • Maybe Miriam Defensor Santiago isn’t because she is trying to get a bill passed to slowly abolish the pork barrel. No pork barrel, no pork barrel scams.

      • what are you saying? we should just watch all of them, accept it as reality and so just pay taxes and move on? Do you pay taxes are you working your ass off each day for a measly few pesos?

  15. 12% EVAT in the Philippines vs. 8.875% sales tax in New York. I hate corruption. I’m sick and tired of it. I want total transparency and stop pork barrel. I want to long term solution to an aging problem. How the hell in the Philippines can we defeat this never ending cycle of corruption? How can the hard-working, poor Filipinos defeat this rich and the bastard corrupt government officials and media? So many questions… so many problems but where is the solution?

    How can we unite when most of us elected the same people who are in this same old mess. Why vote Estrada, Revilla, Lapid etc ? Philippine government is being run by actors, actress and celebrities. They are really entertaining that’s why we like them…. and when we like them we tend to forget that most of them are not familiar with the constitution and how to serve the people in truth and honest way… and when we like them and forgot they are not familiar with the law… we eventually vote them. Mixed this with their corrupt friends and family and here we are once again… back in the same hole we tried to get out off. Filipinos are smart but we never learn from the past.

    Money talks and these guys have lots of it. If only NoyNoy and his good guys will back up all the whistleblowers then maybe we could start from something. If only the Justices, Military and Media are less corrupt we might be able to start prosecuting this hard-headed, selfish pigs. I don’t want civil war to happen in Philippines but if its the only way for us to think straight and unite as one… then be it.

    • the working class is but just a small percentage of voting capacity unlike the poor, non working class..they were voted because of how they project themselves to the public, like in showbiz..

      • I agree with the idea that people power is not a long term solution. Election boycott is what I have been doing or maybe i would like to assume that, that was what most of the middle class had been doing. But if we are to calculate, we are still out numbered by the masses who are willing and eager to vote during the elections. In fact, they are the ones who will lined up early because they are eager to vote base on the sample ballot given. Some will never care how long is their line, anyway they don’t have any other important things to do. Some will even vote late so that they could have a longer time bidding their votes. Others treat it as a fiesta day where politician will hire a truck and “hakot” them to a place, fed them before voting, give them their maintenance allowance and fed them after they have voted.

        At the end, the root cause or the major problem of our country is not really the corrupt officials but the people themselves who voted for these politicians. The politicians who mad the laws inorder to curcumvent the law.

        Those people whose votes can be bought;
        those people who taught that election is a money making venture;
        those who voted not because of compentency and credibility but because of relationship by blood or by acquaintance;
        those who voted base on fame and popularity;
        those who voted because of political partisan – are as guilty as the corrupt officials because their votes are the instrument that paveway to corruption.

        What is happening right now to our country is just an offshoot of the Filipino mentality.

        Who then are to be blame?

        The masses – who were also naive of the current political mis propaganda. Who lacks access to information and quality education because of poverty. Whose concern in life is not political awareness or economic stability but only to meet their basic need of food and shelter.

        The middle class- those who are few but educated and well informed of our current political and economic issues but dont have the heart to share and educate the masses because they are busy making money and improving their lives. Those who are already complaisant of involving themselves in the national issue because it doesnt affect them as much as the masses do. Those who can take care of themselves even if the politicians kept on robbing them as long as they could still experience the perks of living a good life.

        The Elite/Rich – who are friends of the piliticians or the politicians themselves. Those who don’t experience the gravity of poverty. Those who has the money, capital and capabilty to exhaust the earth’s resources. Those who has great connections with the rich and the famous.

        Changing this nation is everybodys concern. Unless the Elite and the middle classes will not reach out to the masses so that the number of middle class will out numered the masses our dream to make this country a great nation would be futile. If we will continue the bahala na mentality , the crab mentality, the padrino mentality and underdog mentality.. we will never see light at the end of this doomed battle of poverty, corruption, inequality and injustice.

        So, ano ang crusada mo???

  16. The very reason why up to this day, i never voted a single politician in my entire life. Can’t blame me, my answer is simple – No fuckin soul in politics is trustworthy enough! Violence during campaign, you think it’s a form of genuine sacrifice just to serve the people? no fucking way! it’s all about whose hands get into the taxpayers’ money first! if a candidate gets killed during the campaign period, news that would come out would simply state how violent such campaigning can become, but never would any Filipino feel that a tribute has to be paid, nor that pig has to be honored. Coz deep down each and everyone of us, we know what that jerk off is up to anyway if he/she continues to live. Serves that thief right–better off dead.

    Having said that, when are we ever gonna learn when NOT to vote? Can’t really blame Jinggoy, or Bong, Lito Lapid, or Enrile…nothing can ever be done to change the rotten insides of these fuckheads! I mean nothing! this place is called earth, not heaven, so devils can roam freely. It’s us people who’s got a choice. DON’T VOTE if you can’t find someone who’s TRULY worthy enough! close to perfect! A typical dumbass voter’s justification why he/she would still vote? to exercise his/her right. Pathetic. What about my right NOT to vote coz i respect myself for not just merely going for the lesser evil. We deserve better leaders with integrity. So to all the Filipinos who kept voting for all these cocksuckers, you fuckin deserve to just work your assess off while your taxes go nowhere but to these greedy senators and congressmen and mayors, and…hell, all of ‘em!

    • The answer is not NOT to vote. But to vote abstain. Not voting still puts them in a position of power. Voting abstain can cause a failure of elections.

    • not voting doesn’t change anything. the solution is to dismantle the political system and remove the need to have senators and congressmen, etc. people can rule themselves by lottery in small federated communities. everyone will watch each other. no excuse for just sitting around watching tv and not caring about what happens and leaving important issues to those ‘more educated or know better’. They may be more educated, but they are corrupt, so it does not matter. And many of them are not educated anymore — they are movie stars. So strengthen local governments and communities and do away with the need for having a handful of people decide how our taxes are to be used. this was the mistake of egypt — they still wanted to be ruled and have leaders, when they were already doing a good job leading themselves and organizing themselves.


  17. The very reason why up to this day, i never voted a single politician in my entire life. Can’t blame me, my answer is simple – No fuckin soul in politics is trustworthy enough! Violence during campaign, you think it’s a form of genuine sacrifice just to serve the people? no fucking way! it’s all about whose hands get into the taxpayers’ money first! if a candidate gets killed during the campaign period, news that would come out would simply state how violent such campaigning can become, but never would any Filipino feel that a tribute has to be paid, nor that pig has to be honored. Coz deep down each and everyone of us, we know what that jerk off is up to anyway if he/she continues to live. Serves that thief right–better off dead.

    Having said that, when are we ever gonna learn when NOT to vote? Can’t really blame Jinggoy, or Bong, Lito Lapid, or Enrile…nothing can ever be done to change the rotten insides of these fuckheads! I mean nothing! this place is called earth, not heaven, so devils can roam freely. It’s us people who’s got a choice. DON’T VOTE if you can’t find someone who’s TRULY worthy enough! close to perfect! A typical dumbass voter’s justification why he/she would still vote? to exercise his/her right. Pathetic. What about my right NOT to vote coz i respect myself for not just merely going for the lesser evil. We deserve better leaders with integrity. So to all the Filipinos who kept voting for all these cocksuckers, you fuckin deserve to just work your assess off while your taxes go nowhere but to these greedy senators and congressmen and mayors, and…hell, all of ‘em!

    • I completely disagree view points like this because they’re terribly selfish and ignorant. “I don’t want to vote because I respect myself/choose the lesser evil.” Nope. You’re actually going for the lesser evil as well, by NOT voting. Evil is the absence of good. So technically, what you’re doing is actually allowing the evil to occur without doing anything at all. Standing by and not voting, and then going on to complain about the government and all its corruption, in a weird and useless cycle of whining isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. If you don’t like the candidates, then check the abstain box. Let them know that you don’t agree with the choices they’ve given you. You’re given this chance to do something about it. Why not make use of this medium rather than limiting yourself to your limited circle of influence?

  18. I wish someone will provoke the working class to initiate people power again. I would gladly join the crowd because this has gotten too much. We get our salaries only after its deducted with taxes and yet we couldnt feel any benefit from the government. Honestly, we are betteroff without the politicians. Notice what laws have they passed so far. All for the benefit of the upperclass. What has the government done for the working class? nothing. We had become a nation whose only hope for survival is to work abroad. We dont deserve to sacrifice for our loved ones while these supposedly public servants had been filling up their bank accounts with enough funds to secure their future generations. Instead of doing their job to legislate bills, these theives are working on plans how to earn from our money and towards winning the next election. If this will still continue, the next generations of these trapos will still be the ones occupying the government positions and the process goes on. Lets stop political dynaties and phase out the pork barrel. A good proposal would be to invite professors from top universities to write a new code of conduct for the legislators that would state their scope of duties, sanctions, and salaries. It is not fair that the thieves themselves will legislate their own code of conduct. It is like ordering all items in the menu if you could get them all for free. The consitution should limit the power vested on these government officials to prevent abuse of authority. Greed comes with power.

    • Until now, we have always been looking at government from the outside as passive spectators and as bystanders: Not anymore. CANA believes the route to real People Power is via information, education, organisation, advocacy and participation. Working simultaneously at the local and national level provides us all with practical opportunities on a daily basis in our communities. It also gives us a national voice and stage.

      So CANA is working to help set up a minimum of 28 local citizen action groups for accountability – but we hope many more groups will join together to build a national network for learning and sharing. Most importantly, CANA’s future rests not with the few groups that launched it, but with you – the people and communities across the country who will take future ownership and charge of CANA, just as we all need to take ownership and charge of government.

      Understand and organize. Monitor and engage.


      • Thanks for this. Was planning on making something like this a year ago actually. I guess I’ll just hop on this boat instead :)

    • You’re walking in a very dangerous ground, you continued to expose the corruption of thi family and their cohorts but do you have enough evidence to nail these people? A lot reacted with passion and your insinuation is like a fire. I really hope that it’s true and once and for all, it might be the lightning rod that will start a revolution “Makibaka wag matakot” The poor are struggling and these family are living their life lavishy through the taxpayers money and the poor are suffering.

    • I think to initiate a people power..will benefits the people involved. It will be bloody and sacrifices too much lives. Early before it happened to read your blog..I am asking somebody as you did for someone to initiate for a people power , .but will sacrifice the country’s economy , security and stability and most our own countrymen..These people are good to such kind of move.
      Because that will be their last resort, before these issue ..there are numbers of pending cases involving , high influence personalities ,And these people still had numerous numbers of followers.. Plus these Senators and congressmen, Until not proven they are still all innocent. plus the left sided organizations.
      The situation will be a “NO” win situation..Plus..the present Justice system ..after the ousted ex- supreme court justice..
      People power will have a big possibility to be a Reverse People Power. The people involves absolutely had all the capabilities , resources. influences in short prepared and maybe already planned before the said issues.Again these people had Master the people power movements…If PEOPLE POWER exist…absolutely 100% it will be “FAVORABLE” to all of them. The situation might be a “TRAP”… Because only a “PEOPLE POWER” can saved all these people involved..not just to the 10B pork barrel scam issue. We all know the fate that’s await the other people involvements into many different cases..There will be a “NO WAY OUT” to these cases…Another PEOPLE POWER will give these people the opportunity, a chance, to throw the AQUINO government..This 10B issue, for me was a very “BIG QUESTION MARK”..
      a PEOPLE POWER against a PEOPLE POWER ..? ..Let us admit the case will not prosper in the short run….Media people,,what they can contribute? Is it for the benefits of majority of Filipino people or to a more powerful influence one?..The past PEOPLE POWER we experienced media contribution..will be different.
      To a worst scenario solution,martial law..and if that happen,It will a join forces by the people involves and the leftist, a great opportunity for CHINA’S interest to our country.
      Maybe we should step by step study the best solution not puti’n the country into risk and will result for a great opportunity for “THE TRUE ENEMY OF FILIPINO PEOPLE”. We should not be in hurry, the case cannot achieve “JUSTICE” just for a short run,.
      Let’s do people power not in the streets…think of that. And let us all start it now..we must not be in hurry, “LET US ALL SUPPORT WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT CAN DO ..for these cases…We must not be in hurry…We must not put aside the situation might be a “TRAP”… ..And most…”LET US ALL BE FAIR TO THE PEOPLE INVOLVE UNLESS NOT PROVEN”
      Your BLOG ..will do filipino people be thankful or Filipino people will not forget…
      The detailed information’s you have given , almost you tell who you are for these people.
      Wondering “HOW”…. From now will be watching for more infos you will pass on…

  19. If proven guilty, this lady and her whole family along with all the senators and congressmen who were partakers in the scam and their families as well…should all be hung on meathooks in the public square and leave their rotting corpses to be fed on by birds as an example to everyone else…this should stop corruption for good.

  20. Leave the voting to the taxpayers. Nothing will ever change if the uneducated, tele-serye watchers will keep that right to vote without really thinking or solid basis of choosing the most qualified candidates. You think they read inquirer or watch the headlines and all? nope, they remain oblivious of what their candidates have been doing all along. Every campaign, everyone’s reminded to vote wisely. If wisdom is uncommon, or at least knowledge to get the right leaders, then we’re forever doomed. To the media, enough with showing trash on tv or publish papers like Tiktik, Abante, or anything of that sort…feed the people’s minds with good stuff, and good will come out of each.

  21. kaya itinatwa ni Honasan na kilala nya si Jim Napaels dahil sabit din sya kasama ni Revilla. Enrile, Jinggoy ungoy at iba pa..Mabubuko sila kaya kanya kanyang taguan na.ang mga bwaya.

  22. Why is jejomar “boy putik” binay secretely meeting jimmy napoles in a secure location in tagaytay owned by erap?

    A. Because binay is a high ranking officer of the infamous Alpha Phi Omega fraternity
    B. Because jimmy napoles is a high ranking senior member of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity
    C. Because binay benefited hundred of millions of pesos from the napoles foundation before he became a vice president
    D. Because jimmy contributed millions of pesos in binay’s campaign
    E. Because jimmy is an officer at the RAM (Reformed Armed-Forces Movement) and they are discussing options about holding another coup and installing binay as the next president once noynoy is out
    F. Because binay is pissed at jimmy for being stupid
    G. Because jimmy needs back channel access to get out of the country with all his family this weekend now that all their money has already been wired out offshore.

    Please answer honestly and no cheating. Go!

  23. hay naku nakakapagod magbasa, lahat ng to alam nating lahat pero paulit ulit lang nilang ginagawa, sa umpisa ayaw nila, may prinsipyo lahat, pero pag nakatikim na ng pera, lahat sasayaw na , tatahimik na, baka mapag-initan pa. Mag-umpisa sa president, vise presidente, sendor, congressmen, ngos, media, local government officials, korte, mga pulis . lahat corrupt. ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko, ligtas na ako sa corruption dito sa states lahat ng kita ko nanggaling sa aking pawis.

    • “ligtas na ako sa corruption dito sa states lahat ng kita ko nanggaling sa aking pawis.” I rolled on the floor laughing upon reading this. Obviously, this person does not know what he or she is talking about. Ligtas? Di mo ba alam na mas matindi pa corruption dyan kaysa sa Pinas? Baka ang ibig mong i– equate ang pagbabayad mo ng buwis sa ibang bansa ay ligtas ka na sa gulo ng Pinas. Kung ganoon man, di wala kang karapatang manghimasok sa usapan tungkol sa bayan ko. Subukan mong DYAN sa Tate manghimasok, FBI at Homeland security ang gigising sa iyo.

      Ang hirap sa langaw nakatuntong lang sa bayang me winter, tinalikuran na agad ang bayang sinilanagan (obviously from the composition of your writing you have not imbibed the US ways. Kung totoo ngang nanjan ka sa US ha).

      • Rude much? Obviously, OFW nagcomment nun. Makatawag ka ng kapwa mo na “langaw sa bayang me winter”, the OFWs have a huge role in boosting the Philippines’ economy, esp in sending monthly remittances and also paying Philippine taxes. I see Ulanda Tru’s point. Life in the States is hard, but life in the Philippines is harder. Tingin mo tumatalon sa tuwa mga OFW na lalayo sila sa mga mahal nila sa buhay para umasenso? Hindi po. Gusto namin, from afar, umayos ang gobyerno, para makauwi din kami.

        Ang problema, the Philippines has the most backwards government system masquerading as a “democracy” when it’s a theocracy/oligarchy. Iba corruption sa Pilipinas. Ibang level din ang ignorance, greed and hypocrisy, from the highest ranking government official to commenters like you. What would you know, how could you compare, unless you lived and work somewhere other than the Philippines?

        Sana umunlad ang bansa para sa mga mabuting mamamayang Pilipino.

      • Rude much? Obviously, OFW nagcomment nun. Makatawag ka ng kapwa mo na “langaw sa bayang me winter”, the OFWs have a huge role in boosting the Philippines’ economy, esp in sending monthly remittances and also paying Philippine taxes. I see Ulanda Tru’s point. Life in the States is hard, but life in the Philippines is harder. Tingin mo tumatalon sa tuwa mga OFW na lalayo sila sa mga mahal nila sa buhay para umasenso? Hindi po. Gusto namin, from afar, umayos ang gobyerno, para makauwi din kami.

        Ang problema, the Philippines has the most backwards government system masquerading as a “democracy” when it’s a theocracy/oligarchy. Iba corruption sa Pilipinas. Ibang level din ang ignorance, greed and hypocrisy, from the highest ranking government official to commenters like you. What would you know, how could you compare, unless you lived and work somewhere other than the Philippines?

        Sana umunlad ang bansa para sa mga mabuting mamamayang Pilipino.

  24. sadly, nothing will come out of this. if one politician is strong enough to cover his tracks, what more a dozen or more working together for a cover up? and lets say this is JUST graft and corruption as to MURDER of dozens with so much proof and yet the ampatuans are gonna get away with it.

  25. all of the above? LOL. just curious. you said the napoles scam started with mayors in zamboanga. Specifically what part of zamboanga? im from zamboanga del norte…

    • all mayors in zamboanga peninsula may it be sibugay, del norte and del sur are all corrupt…have you seen any city as progressive as the likes of cebu, davao, cdo and bacolod? naaahhh…

      • Exactly. Zamboanga has never been progressive. Not in my 23 years of existence. The politicians here are rotten to the core.

  26. We can start a silent protest by not paying tax. If there is no tax then walang mananakaw ang mga politico na yan. Then let us push for transparency of any government transaction. If this is approve then we resume on paying tax. Each senators and congressmen must declare to the public where their pork barrel go. Complete with photos and details of allocated budget.

    This may not 100% address the problem but it will help.

    • “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
      Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

      ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

      Well…? Civil Disobedience, anyone? We can force the senators and all those involved + jail time for plunder, malversation of public funds etc, by not paying taxes. And until these hoodlums are sentenced (to death, hopefully), we will just refuse to pay taxes. A class suit is also another option. Time to take action! As the wise Dr Seuss said, unless…

    • Non-payment of tax is a criminal offense. But while corruption and malfeasance are also crimes, police power is in the hands of the government. It will take years to successfully put a well-resourced politician behind bars, but not so with a civilian failing to pay his taxes. If this is the movement, it will crumble easily, as people usually do when faced with criminal charges.

    • i’ve been thinking about this..not paying taxes!! but how do you do that when it’s automatically deducted from your pay. this is so disappointing. i hate the fact that a big chunk of my hard-earned money goes to their fat ugly faces

    • Taxes we pay: sin tax, road tax (lookit our roads) energy tax (yah right) AO 31, CCT subsidy, eVAT, Agri/Energy subsidies, income tax, etc. etc. we should demand gov’t to lessen our taxes until and unless they can justify and prove that they’ve spent our money wisely. Ano sila swerte (swerte nga). Pawis ko luho nila? Tama na sobra na wakasan na! Hangga’t di tayo magkaroon ng malinis na gobyerno, di tayo magiging proud at upstanding citizens kasi nasa utak natin, kanya kanya nalang. Wala na tayong pagkakaisa. Bangon Pinoys.

    • Automatically deducted ang tax from our salary. Each purchase that we do also include taxes. There is no such thing as an option not to pay your tax.

  27. Sorry.

    But Politicians aint gona help here.. its like asking every Drug lord to help u to “totally stop producing Narcotics”.
    Its useless.

    Every politician (except maybe Manny Paquiao, maybe..) has a Dirty hands, as in every-each-one-of-them!!! As in evryone. As in every elected. As in every seated officialls national or local, even down to the baranggay /SK level are all dirty &guilty when it comes to money. Thats why they are more than willing to kill each other just to get the seat during/before each election. There is big money there. Show me someone who claims he is clean, & ill show u a big fat lying hypocrite.

    • Nakakaasar na yung tuwing sahod makikita mo yung tax na binawasan sayo, pang ipon na sana or pang contribute mo sa bahay mo tulong sa parents mo. Pero mapupunta lang sa bulsa ng ibang tao. Tangina lang. Ilang taon na akong ginagawang umaga ang gabi para mabuhay at makasurvive.

      Magaling ang mga isinulat ni anonymous. Sumakit ang ulo ko. Hahaha. Pero 2 bagay lang ang naramdaman ko. Natakot ako sa mga possibility ng mga pagsabog sa mga public places. Wag naman sana. Isa pang bagay na naramdaman ko eh lungkot dahil kung magkakakonek ang mga mag iimbistiga sa scam na ito, wala rin tayong aabangang resulta. Tuloy lang ang buhay habang tuloy tuloy tayong magpapakakuba para buwisan nang malaki.

      Tangina lang.

  28. Salamat sa mga nakakalungkot na information sa corruption sa Pilipinas … mabuti pa yata … buhayin ang idea ng Stateshood … sumanib na tayo sa United States of America … at tignan natin kung makakaporma pa ang corrupt na Pinoy sa sistema ng pamamahala kung isa na tayong estado ng Amerika :P

    • baka walang matira na politiko sa bansa … Statehood na lang … wala ng pag asa na aasenso ang Pilipinas sa pamamahala ng current na generation ng mga Pinoys ngayon … Globalization naman na ang trend … kampi na tayo sa USA :P

      • Hopeless case na ang generation ng mga Pinoy na nabubuhay ngayon sa Pilipinas … karamihan ng nasa kapangyarihan walang takot na mangurakot para umasenso sa buhay … kaya hindi aasenso buhay natin sa ilalim ng kanilang pamamahala … kailangan ng bagong sistema sa Pilipinas … Stateshood na lang :P

  29. All we need is one brave catalyst in this GOD-FORSAKEN CATHOLIC country. For this to be fought, one must be inside the government. Malamang nareport na itong mga information na to kay President Aquino pero bakit wala pang nangyayaring aksyon? May expose na oh! FUCK! Kung walang mangyayari ngayon, hinding hindi na ako boboto. tama na. i wont participate in this kinds of shits in our country.

    pag makikita ko si jeane napoles, i’ll fuck her. para naman matikman ko ang pinaghirapan kong pera!

  30. Kung bilangin lahat nang pinapasok nang OFW 10 million workers bringing in $10,000/year (very conservatively) that is $100 billion a year. That is almost half of the countries GDP. Every time that money changes hand it becomes part of the GDP. Ginawa talagang INUTIL ang buong Pilipinas sa pangungurakot. The Philippines should have been over a trillion dollar economy if it were not for the culture of corruption.

  31. Mabuhay ka MommyJ for your blog … its a big contribution in making Kababayans aware with this issue … sino ba ang unang nag labas ng story on this corruption scam involving the Napoles family ? Sana ituloy tuloy lang nila ang pagbabalita baka kahit papaano may makonsensiya na at huwag tularan :P

  32. Natatakot akong wala nang pag asang maayos ang mga kasong ganito sa Pilipinas. Minsan na din naisip ko na kakailanganin ng bansa nating mawala muna lahat ng mga kasalukuyang pulitiko bago talaga natin mapagaling ang naghihingalo nang papamalakad ng gubyerno sa Pilipinas. Pero pa no yun? The political dynasty is overpowering every side of the Philippine government. At yun ang patuloy pa din nilang ginagawa, pinag papasa pasahang pamamaraan para maka kuha ng napakaling pera mula sa bayan. Sa totoo lang, Janet Napoles isn’t the only person to blame. Parte lang sya ng sistema. Gusto din naman yan ng mga pulitikong damay sa pag nananakaw ng pera satin mga mamamayan. Hindi naman din gagawin yan nitong si Napoles kung walang sumusuporta sa kanya.

    Naiiyak ako sa totoo lang. I have been working my ass off for many years. Working as in pinaghihirapan ko yun pera that I am earning, Magkano tax ko buwan buwan? Madalas naiisip kong pag pinagsama sama ko lahat ng tax ko throughout these years eh malaki na din sana naiipon ko. Pero wala. Napupunta sa mga taong walang malasakit sa ibang tao. Binoto nyo sila para nakawan tayo.

    Again, I ask myself, what can I effin do? Its excruciating to realize that I cannot think of anything to do to mend this problem. I feel helpless and hopeless. Will I forever be enslaved of paying taxes? When will I ever see our country progress? When? Kaya nakaka frustrate talaga. Kasi parang wala akong pwedeng gawin kundi magbayad at magbayad ng buwis para mas guminhawa pa and buhay ng mga taong hindi naman deserving sa lahat ng hardwork natin.

    • Ako rin po kanina pa umiiyak habang nagbabasa dito… Ano na lang kaya gagawin natin? I spread this blog sa lahat ng network ko sa mindanao at visayas at International din. Do ako makatulog kasi nahihirapan na po ako magtrabaho wala naman savings… Kahit marami akong pinasasalamatan sa buhay, knowing these things nakakawalang gana…. Dito ako nakatira sa pinakamagandang Isla sa buong Mundo Pero marami ding problema yung gobyerno dito na kung iisipin, ang dali lang solusyunan. Oo nga d na cguro ako boboto.

      • frustrating. trabaho nang trabaho, di nakakaipon then malalaman mo, ang ibang tao, nakakuyakoy lang, nagkakapera na, bilyon pa. frustrating :((

  33. That is true. when you look closely, the website of this so-called JLN Corporation had the imprint “Made on a Mac” which means it was quickly put together from home using readily available software on any Mac computer (i.e. iWeb). If it were a legitimate and well established business, it should afford hiring of reputable web designers to create an authentic website. Fake talaga

      • it’s like the website projects that we do during our high school computer class. Heck, mas maganda pa ata ang mga websites na ginawa namin. And the content/words used. Pa-nose bleed effect pa sa reader, but upon close scrutiny, wala naman talagang laman ang sinasabi ng JLN Corp websites. Fake indeed!


    • kulang pa to….pano ung mga ndi kaya mag internet ng ilang oras pra mabasa to…i’ll try my best to produce printouts n papamigay ko s mga kpitbahay kong tsismosa para nman may saysay pinagchi- tsismisan nila

      • chop-chopin at ikakalat ko naman to sa text. para-paraan lang para kumalat to sa lahat ng mga chismosa para walang magsasabing “I was not informed!”

    • Stateshood na lang baka may pag asa pa ang bawat Pinoy na umasenso at ang mga kurakot mapagbayad sa kanilang mga kasakiman :D

  35. This is a very good example of an eye opener to the people who CAN see. We have known that almost if not all the politicians are corrupt but still, people still keeps on voting. Me personally, I support mister Anonymous for not voting. I myself has voted NOT even a single time nor even hold a voting ID coz’ I don’t wanna be an instrument in putting those pigs in their pedestals just so they could rob me blindly of my hard earned money.

    I would really recommend to everybody not to vote, pay taxes, or support stateshood. Philippines, our beloved country, has fallen victim to this terminal case of cancer. There’s no cure!!! So instead of shedding out countless money and meaningless effort to support this thieves, let’s just pull the plug on them and let them die out… Let us remember that “he who supports a thief is an accessory to the crime as well…”

    Kudos to the one responsible for this blog and please know that I support you all the way. How about you guys? What say you?!?!?

    • Paano ngayon, you will let others do the voting and the advocacy while you sit on the sidelines? Cop-outs don’t solve problems. Cop-outs let others solve the problems and get back in only when problems are solved! Cop-outs shouldn’t participate in blogging sites. Blogging sites are problem-identifying and problem-solving sites. Cop-outs are part of the problem and make it difficult to find solutions.

  36. Share nio na guys. And to the blog owner, please have a back up of this conversations. Baka kapag mainit na sa mata to baka itong blog naman ang pagdiskitahan

    • Wala naman tayong magagawa kundi pag usapan lang ang issue or kung may pera ka mag migrate na lang sa ibang bansa at doon mo na lang hanapin ang magandang kapalaran ng inyong pamilya :(

      • Nung College ako sa U.E., napakaaktibo ng mga estudyante na mag rally pag tumaas ang tuition, susugod sa Harap ng Malacanang pag may mga issue na hindi pabor sa nakakarami, people will risk their life just to be heard, yun ang nawala sa ating mga Pilipino, ang pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit sa bayan, ang people power sa edsa nangyari dahil sa pagkakaisa ng maraming Pilipino, may isang adhikain na na marinig ng mundo na tama na, sobra na ang diktadurang Marcos. Yun ang nawala sa atin, naging kampante tayo kung nasan tayo , nawalan tayo ng pakialam, tinanggap na natin na wala ng magbabago sa pulitika natin, na wala na tayong magagawa…… pero mali yun, kailangan nating iparating na narito pa tayo na umaasang may pag asa pa, ibalik natin sa lansangan ang laban, muling magkapit bisig at magkaisa, hindi para ibagsak ang gobyerno kundi para marinig at makitang buhay pa sa ating mga puso ang pagmamahal sa bayan, dahil kung walang kikilos at dito lang natin sa blog na ito ilalabas ang mga saloobin natin di magtatagal makakalimutan din ang issue na ito. Magkaisa tayo sa pagmamahal sa bayan mag organisa ng isang protesta para marinig tayo ng kinauukulan ng malaman nila na may nagmamalasakit pa sa ating Bayan…..

  37. I believe all the details given here, even in the earlier comments, remain hearsay. Before passing any judgment, all this should go do a court of law to be proven.

    And with all the attention on Napoles, it can be that she is only a decoy or a scapegoat or “fall guy.” I mean, all or most of the lawmakers are receiving PDAF. But if only she gets nailed for it, while the rest of them remain free and still abusing PDAF… you know the public is being had again.

    • “all this should go do a court of law” ? wala na bang pwedeng aksyon na iba? maghihintay na lang sa batas? ano ba ang pwedeng magawa ng mga tao habang naghihintay na may mangyari?

      • And you want us to shut up ganun ba? If the President is against abolishing pork barrel then we will pressure him. If he is really stubborn, he is very welcome to step down and let someone more competent govern this country and its people, someone who listens to the real “bosses.”

        Support the ABOLISHMENT of PORK BARREL. Pass the FREEDOM of INFORMATION BILL. If the President is sincere in his crusade against corruption, he should lead by example. We don’t need lengthy SONAs MR. President and those flowery words, we need ACTION.

      • I didn’t say you shut up, but make sure your target is not just Napoles. You can keep on raising the issue of PDAF to the lawmakers. Thing is, if it seems efforts are futile up to 2016 – and maybe beyond – perhaps you need another course of action. Like better control over instead of elimination of PDAF. I doubt elimination of PDAF is the only solution. And yes, FOI was a promise of the administration, that is still something to push for. Go.

      • how can you say we’re only focusing on Napoles when most of the responder here said napoles and those people in the government? that for me isnt napoles alone, if you know what i mean. while i recognize that she is innocent until proven guilty, you should also see the overwhelming evidence floating around, not just in this blog. so we can also say she is guilty until proven innocent. yes we do have courts where we can file cases, but what if that court you’re talking about is equally guilty? who do we turn to now? should we still wait? and wait for years that is! we could probably be dead before this napoles issue comes to rest if we should just wait. me myself dont know what to do about this either. ive been seeing this issue in social medias for days now and ive been oblivious about it until today when i came across this blog.. i dont watch news that much either. but today, i decided to read this and realize ive been missing out so much. i don’t pay taxes anymore, i did about 2 yrs ago and i know how frustrating it is when you see your payslip showing how much taxes got deducted from you. so like the other readers here, i share the same sentiment.

        about what you said that she is a decoy, yes that can be true. but if she gets her ass on the hot seat, maybe she will give out names too? she seems to be a smart woman, im sure she wont let her boat sink with only her in it. so targeting napoles won’t hurt at all. what do you thhink?

    • Wag nyo pakinggan yang si Carlos. Ang tunay nyang pangalan ay Chino Fernandez at isa yang BAYARAN ng mga Napoles na isa ring writer ng maka Marcos at maka GMA na website na tinatawag nilang Get Real Philippines

      Palibasa si Chino ay walang trabaho at palamon sa nanay kaya pinagtatanggol nya si Napoles kapalit ang salapi

    • Did you seriously just tell us to file a case against people who are literally backed by most, if not all the legislators of our state? That’s simply saying : Go F**K yourselves. A simple Physical injuries case would take years to get sorted out. We are talking about an issue that INVOLVES every single devil in our corrupt government. We can’t just “go to a court of law” and hope for the best. Tayo na lang ang dapat na gumawa ng paraan dito. Sino pa nga ba?! para kang nagsumbong ng pusher sa sarili nyang drug lord. Alam mo Carlos, antagal na nating umasa sa ganyang sistema. Idaan sa tamang paraan. idaan sa korte. para ano? hanggang kelan? Kunware ang gagaling nating mag people power at magtanggal ng mga kurakot na opisyal, tapos pagdating sa eleksyon boboto din natin sila. kung di man sila, kaparehong karakas nila. What we need to do is, go there, drag their sorry asses to TV and let the world know what they are up to. We need to show the rest of the devils and future devils in the government that they shouldn’t pester around honest people’s lives.

      • mr. carlos? ..hate to disagree with most of what youve said..and agree with Anonymous’ reply.. You must be very young still..file a case? read and understand what is happening to your country..to the politicians who are in our government..the influential, the rich of most of them.. do you think justice prevails? ok ..give us hope reply with a very good example of which made you say cheekily to file a case and so on ..

  38. Calling on all patriotic soldiers… foot soldiers, low ranking soldiers, junior officers….fighting and dying in the mountains….it’s time to start a “BLOODY REVOLUTION AGAIN” to get rid of this CANCER in our SOCIETY…..think of your families who have less in life suffering while the families of these CORRUPT people are living in extravagant life…..and You Sirs are the sacrificial pawns that are being used to keep these people stay in power……Don’t let anyone of these CORRUPT POLITICIAN and members of their families get out of the country….CAPTURE EACH ONE OF THEM and let them cough up all money they have stolen from the FILIPINOS even if it means killing them……this CANCER will NOT STOP as long as we have these MALIGNANT FAMILIES in our SOCIETY….it’s time for a BIG change in our country!!!!

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing…….

      • actually qng sasagi s isip nio mas may pinaglalaban pnga ung mga kagaya ng NPA eh,,, kesa sa pang gugulang ng ibang tae..tao pla

      • actually, bloody na e.. think of all the bombings, soldiers of the government have teared gas, shot, beaten those that protest.. think of the journalists massacred and summary killings, ther is a bloody revolution..but the winner has been the enemy of our people..the politicians in our government which the majority voted for..

        mahilig tayo kumuha ng bato para ipokpok sa ulo natin ..

    • strength in numbers.. maayos sana kung magcollaborate tayo.. kung hindi natin maaasahan ang gobyerno na magimbestiga sa scam na ito, tayong mga tao dapat magimbistiga rin.. 1) iconfirm natin kung tunay nga yung sinasabi ni anonymous 2) iconsolidate natin lahat ng kahit anong info na makuha natin (verifiable info) tungkol sa scandal na to

    • hindi nga pwede people power agad. baka nga yun din ang gusto niya/nilang mangyari. manood ka nalang muna ng teleserye mo.

  39. Pingback: Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam | thehiddenwealth

    • Anonymous…. my alam po b kyo kung bakit pinapatay si Jessie Robredo.. kc parang naka plan ehh para maka pasok itong MAR sa DILG para sa mga kalukuhan ni MAR na myron pala connection kay Napoles

  40. Don’t forget the fact that janet napoles’ son (Choy)’s girlfriend is a TIU, whose family owns Discovery Suites. They will do their best to protect the Napoles’ family. Amazing connections they have.

    • Girl mukhang kilala kita! Ahahahahahaha! Si James Buchoy Lim Napoles ba sinasabi mo? Yung mahaba baba? Nag Benilde din ba si buchoy or ate lang nya?

    • —good friends they have….unlike some who pretends to be “friends” but has hands and a mind of a crab….

    • Yun na ang connection! That explains the Coal mining ek-ek the Napoleses’ are foisting upon us. The Tiu’s own Titan Mining w/c is into coal mining kaya napaka gandang excuse, that is if the Tiu’s wil play along in this charade!

    • Si Cheryl Tiu ba syota ni Buchoy? OMG! Tapos press release nila matagal na sila sa coal mining ang mga napoles? wtf! mga sinungaling animal! wala na! tatanda tayong lahat na nagbabayad ng buwis at sa kanila lang lahat mapupunta at sa mga magnanakaw na congressman at senador! Ang peg nga naman!

  41. huwag niyo iboto kasi mga ganyang politician kasabuat cla sa mga illigal na gawaen.iniisip nila pano mag payaman walang pakialam sa mga mamamayan.

  42. Share lang ng share mga kababayan. Let’s go for a million hits! And oh remind them to read the comments section.

    Oh, Rappler is Pro-PNoy.

  43. I am wondering why media is focusing on the Napoleses. Napoles is just one of many Corporations doing this. Focus must be on the Senators and Congressmen. Pati media na rin on why it is not being reported anymore.

  44. just want to share.. I used to work in DIscovery Suites and I happened to meet JLN. i won’t mention the details but I got inside their (hotel) room and they have this bag full of cash and I was wondering why they had that amount of money in cash in a bag. She is quite famous among the staff of DS because whenever there’s an occasion (Christmas, her birthday, anniversary) she would make the staff line up and give them I think at least 500 up to 1,000 (or more) each! it depends on how well she knows you. she even gave me a tip of one thousand pesos one instance.

    Also, she is very generous to her staff as well. she gives House and Lots and cars to those who have been working for her for a long time already.

  45. i feel so sorry of what is happening in this beloved country of ours. there must be something that we all readers can do. i am old already but i feel that i am willing to do whatever i can do no matter how small. there is power in number. by continuing to write about this problem by all i believe can stir more and perhaps, one day a good soul could lead the country. or we could rally to the president give him the support he needs to punish all the guilty. i hope he is not one of them.. no one will resolve this problem except us.pilipinos.

  46. nakakapanghina. thanks for the owner of this blog and to mr.anonymous too. spreading awareness can kill stupidity. sharing this post to us is really a big eye opener.

  47. I had plans this afternoon but I could not take my face off my laptop, reading this blog and all the comments. I salute you Anonymous for generously sharing these information. Your views are interesting; I hope you keep them coming. I have never voted for the same reasons. I’ve digested more sensible information here than Inquirer (where I’ve been following the pork barrel scam). Thanks MommyJ for your blog. I usually share posts only to my friends, but I decided to post it as public (in FB). It’s not much of a contribution but I hope that it will create ripples and educate people. I don’t know what else to do, my heart is bleeding because of this.

  48. HOY! GISING! walang silbi ang “people power”. aber, kumbinsihin nyoko’ng nagbago ang pinas mula nung pagbagsak ng rehimeng marcos. lintek nakabalik na nga si imelda, si imee at si bongbong sa tutok ng kapangyarihan, ano ba kayo!

    at isa pa, anong people power pinagsasabi nyo, eh sandamakmak ang ipokrito sa buong bansa! mantikin nyo, aangal sa mga kurakot sa gubyerno pero ayaw naman bumitiw sa mga “connection” sa loob! kung walang TANGA na umaasa sa mga lintek na yan, hindi aabot sa ganitong kalokohan na ngayon NIYO lang nalalaman! mga uto-uto, eh kayo mismo ang rason bakit hindi mababakbak ng corruption sa pinas! hanggat may TANGA na aasa sa pulitiko at sa mga nakaupo sa gubyerno na hihingan nyo ng LUSOT o PABOR o kahit anong “entitlement” bilang “kaibigan” o kumpare ng mga yan, hinding-hindi mawawala ang corruption sa pinas!

    mga hunghang kayo! hwag nyo kalimutan, TAO ang may kagagawan ng kalokohan, at TAO rin ang makakagawa ng paraan upang tapusin ang lahat ng kalokohan na pinagbabayaran ng buong bansa. kung walang ipokrito, walang corruption! tandaan nyo yan mga hunghang !

    • To take out corruption in the Philippines? kill everyone 5 yrs old and above. Hell even a schoolkid learning it’s his teacher’s birthday tomorrow would want to give her something, asks from the parent, which would gladly give in! We don’t want to cue in gov’t offices. We talk our way out of a traffic ticket waiting for the officer to give us a hint. It’s our way of life! So… LIVE WITH IT OR DIE!

    • It is not on the matter of ” choice” or “conscience” kung sinong candidato binuto mo dahil kahit sinong matinong tao na nakapwesto sa gobyerno, pero kung makahawak na ng malaking pera ay matutubuan din yan ng sungay.

      Kaya nagpapasalamat ako na di ako bumuto kahit kailan kc alam ko na maging uto-uto lang ako pag-ako’y bumuto. Bakit ba ang mga politiko nag-aaway-away at nagpatayan tuwing election? kc maraming pera na makukuha nila sa kaban ng bayan pag sila’y nalukluk sa pwesto. Let us assume na baguhin na talaga ng tudo ang systema sa paggamit ng national budget na kahit isang centimo di mabubulsa ng isang opisal, ang tanong may mga politiko pa bang gaganang tumakbo sa election or maging isang goverment official? Ang pork barrel na yan ay kailanman hindi tutuong nakakatulong sa mga mamayan sa halip yan ay isang sakit sa systema ng gobyerno na matagal nang pumapatay sa mga mamamayan. Gising at makilahok sa anumang paraan para matigil na ang bulok na systemang ito. Sali kayo sa “Million People March” mamaya at ipahayag ang galit at saluubin.

    • At sinong papalit si Binay? Hindi yan ang solusyon. Mas lalala pa. Tingnan mo nangyari sa dalawang EDSAs. Maging mas matalino na tayo mga kabayan. Let us pressure the President. Ikalat ang mga impormasyon wag lang dito sa internet kundi sa ating mga kaibigan, kamag-anak, katrabaho at iba pa. Panahon na para ipakita natin sa mga pulitikong gahaman at mga alipores nila na mas marami tayo. Dapat magsilbi sila ng tama. Dapat suportahan natin ang pagbuwag ng pork barrel. Tama na yan. Hindi naman nagagamit sa mabuti.

      Dapat may PETISYON to ABOLISH PORK BARREL. If meron, magsisign ako at ishare ko. Umpisahan na.

  49. 80 million peso house in her daughters name in LA ( where else), an imeldific lifestyle, and not even on the top 500 list of taxpayers.

    Either she is the filipino equivalent of donald trump or bill gates and should take over ‘The Apprentice’, or she is a sly conniving lowlife who takes ‘the foid’ of childrens tables and should be in jail.

    Personally, methinks she stinks, but the system protects its own.

    Why on earth was usec valte having a meeting with napoles lawyer yesterday!! One more cover up in the making.

  50. unang gawin ay iaudit para malaman kung anong project ang legitimate and yun excess ay palabasing cash advance then bayaran nila sa government…tpos ang problema… COA kailangan na kyo…

    • Puwedeng gawa ka rin ng 1) petition for the abolition of pork barrel? Maganda yung gawa mo pero mas maiksi at direct to the point kasi yun. Tapos 2) petition for the thorough investigation of those involved in the pork barrel scam.

      Sinong may magandang idea if paano isama yung dalawa para iisa na lang? Gawa kayo ng catchy title na concise. Pasensya na po wala akong masyadong alam dito.

      Ishare nyo ulit dito. Salamat sa may-ari ng blog na to pala.

  51. Eto suggestions lang naman:
    1. Gagawa ng PETITION ONLINE (noise campaign ikanga) gaya nung kay Mali na elepante sa Manila Zoo na IMBESTIGAHAN ng mabuti ang lahat na SANGKOT sa PORK BARREL SCAM na to.

    Huwag hayaang mawala lang to ng parang bula. Kahit gaano tayo kabusy, ishare natin ng ishare. Lage nga tayong nagshashare ng kahit ano sa twitter at facebook. Mas maraming nakakaalam, mas mabuti, kahit pa mga dayuhan. Di baleng diyahe eh alam naman nila ang baho ng Pilipinas noon pa. Kung gusto nating mabago, aba’y umpisahan na natin.

    2. Gagawa ng isa pang PETITION ONLINE calling for the ABOLITION of PORK BARREL. Ishare din ng ishare. Hindi lang maging parang news of the month. Dapat hindi hihinto hanggang nakakamit ang mithin.

    HINDI isa na namang EDSA ang solusyon. Maging matalino na tayo. Kasi isipin nyo kung sinong papalit diba? Let us pressure the President and all these elected officials to listen to the public.

    Kaya natin ‘to. Umpisahan na. Di ko kasi alam paano gawin yung dalawa exactly. Ishare nyo dito ulit kung meron na. At yung may-ari ng blog na to dapat ngang may back-up to pati yung comments. Baka kasi pag-initan to at tanggalin. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!

  52. Results for jlncorporation.com :

    Domain Created on:
    August 16 2008

    Domain age (approximately):
    4 Years, 11 Months, 13 days.
    As of 8/3/2013

  53. PEOPLE POWER na to! wala ng ibang aksyon o solusyon. walang mangyayari kung iiwan lang aksyon sa mga ganid na nasa kapangyarihan. panagutin lahat ng involved dyan sa 10 BILLION SCAM na yan. 10,000,000,000 mantakin nyo sa dami ng zero yan. hindi naman ang presidente ang papatalsikin kung hindi ang mga senator, congressman, secretary at lahat na sangkot para naman magkaroon naman ang iba ng kaunting takot sa mga mamayang Pilipino

    • May point ka rin. Ayaw ko kasi kay Binay. Natatakot ako sa mga mangyayari. Napag-alaman kung brod niya rin sa APO yung asawa ni Janet Napoles. Pero kung mga senador, congressman at lahat ng sangkot ba kamo, ok yan. Tiyak konti na lang silang matitira. Medyo imposible pero dapat talaga di nating hayaang makalimutan lang to.

  54. Lord sana lahat ng involve sa scam na ito ay himukin mo ang kanilang mga puso at sabihin nila ang totoo. Please Lord…

  55. TO MRS ANONYMOUS WHO KNOWS SO MUCH…….SEEMS U KNOW A LOT LIKE THE WHISTLE BLOWER BENHUR….WHY DON’T U COME OUT AND PROVE ALL WHAT YOU ARE SAYING AND JOIN BENHUR AS ONE OF THE WHISTLE BLOWER OR else, all you are saying here is just what we can call chismis and chizmak….I am just wondering too , if the Napoleses are that powerful and have that much connections, how come these things are happening to them? Isn’t it ironic, don’t yah think?

    • Meaning may mas makapangyarihan na nasa likod nito? Politicians ba kamo? Puwede. Pero lahat ng to speculations lang kung di sila imbestigahan talaga. Sa tingin ko nangyayari to sa mga Napoles gawa ng anak nila na si Jeane. Di kasi niya naclose yung tumblr blog nya na pruweba kung gaano sila kaluho. Tapos yung apartment pa niya sa LA. Wala rin silang legitimate businesses na matatawag. Ano yung JLN diba? Ngayon ko nga rin yun narinig.

      • Her tumbler was a part of her school project and it needs to have a touch of fashion……so sad that it was hacked by someone who has evil intentions. Behind this.?….just think and analyze…..

    • Ahhm. Miss ampy. Maybe you haven’t learned anything about the whistleblowers before. The only thing whistle blowers are successful in doing is ruining their own lives if they even survived to live. As mentioned by anonymous himself benhur is as good as dead already.

    • Isuot mo nga sapatos nya, andaling sabihin na lumabas at patunayan no? kahit ako pwede kong sabihin un eh “HOY LABAS JAN!! PATINGIN NG EBIDENSYA” diba sisiw? E pano kung buhay mo at ng pamilya mo ang nakataya? masasabe mo pa ba yan? Yes, its possible that they are scapegoats and yes there would definitely be higher power than them, but if this shows that WE actually care enough to NOT let these people get away that easily then it’s a definite start. Let’s go back in time, Leonidas and the brave 300, they made a god-king bleed. Dun tayo magsimula, tsaka unti untiin.

  56. Thanks for the info…will repost. Napapailing na lang ako sa lungkot at kawalang pag asa ng sitwasyon natin. Mamatay na sana lahat ng mga mandarambong na mga politicians na yan sampu ng mga cohorts nila. Magcrash sana private jet planes nila at masunog sana mga bahay nila at sumabog sana isa isa lahat ng sinasakyan nilang kotse. Mga monsters!

    • korek ka dyan meron nga akong alam may asawa sya ginudyoggyog ng kakilala nyang politician sa basement parking habang nagbabantay ang kanyang bugaw na tauhan ni politician at iniwan na sya ng kanyang asawa dahil di na masikmura ng kanyang asawa na kikipag kamay sa kanya ang politician yun pala ang nanororotot sa kanya, hay naku sister di ko talaga alam at maintindihan itong mga politician.

  57. For someone to stand out and make a difference; the saying is not enough anymore, what we need is a multitude of Filipinos to stand up and fight. Absolutely no politicians should be allowed to join this group. I am will fight with you, ignite it and others will see the light that you started, we will all wake up from our deep slumber and leave the comfort of our warm beds to see the change that we are all waiting to happen.

    • siguradong maraming sasama lalo na yung mga ordinaryong pilipino na kinakaltasan na ng tax bago pa makuha ang sweldo.

  58. May nagsuggest sa taas for a tax revolt. Anong say nyo? Kung di talaga nila maayos to, parang ito ang pinakaposibleng solusyon. Nakakatakot isipin pero kung hindi natin alam saan talaga patutungo ang ating binabayad na buwis, anong point ng pagbabayad? Sana maayos talaga to. Wala ng tiwala mga tao Mr. President.

    • Napakaimposible niyang tax revolt na yan. Majority of taxpayers do not settle their taxes directly with BIR. Wage earners, which comprise probably the biggest group have their tax deducted by their employers before they even receive their salaries. The other source, which is eVAT is included in the price of the products you buy. Can you ask the grocery, supermarket, restaurant or moviehouse, etc, to remove your eVAT because you are in protest? Hell no.

      • Ang hirap nga. May kaltas na kasi talaga bago pa mareceive yung sweldo. Hindi rin naman puwedeng di bumili.

    • Hindi nag-iisip nang maigi yung nagsabi niyan. Isipin niyo, pwede bang hindi magbayad ng buwis ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan? Pag sila ay nakasuhan, anong laban nila? Karamihan sa mga Pilipino walang kapangyarihan para makalusot sa batas.

  59. The surge in hits might make you want to delete this MommyJ. Please don’t. Also, everyone, don’t let media focus on the Napoleses. Remember, isa lang to sa marami pang kumpanya.

      • You should start by making screenies of this thread. Also please change your profile picture to a more subtle one. I see you have kids and a happy looking family. You should also change the privacy options for all your sites and everything. Never too much to be cautious.

    • Pero tama rin na may individual na tinatamaan … magiging leksyon ito sa mga would be corrupt na mahirap na maitago ang masamang gawain na ganito at kung naitago man once mailabas … buong buhay niyo wont be the same again … sobrang kahihiyan ang sasapitin iyo hindi lang sa iyo … pati sa buong pamilya niyo sa loob at sa labas ng bansa malalaman ang kasamaan na ginawa niyo :P

  60. Honestly speaking, for the information of everybody…this is just a very simple party attended by few people in a small function room. This was organized by Jeane and her friends. The videographer was good enough to make it appear “glamorous”….it’s not her fault to make it appear that way. She has been a target of bullying during high school….it seems that the same group of people are the same people who are doing this to her. They have pretended to be Jeanne’s friends and Jeanne’s accepted them whole heartedly only to find out that these people are behind this….and you know who you are….lucky she is that she is loved by her parents…yes, she is a baby girl and will be forever a baby girl for her mom….just like an ordinary mother to her daughter….

    • Mawalang galang na po Ms Ampy pero kilala nyo sila? Pakisabi magsabi sila ng totoo. Pangalanan nila lahat ng politikong involved baka maibsan ng kaunti yung galit ng mga kababayan nila. Ikanga if they’re going down, they should make sure those people go down with them too. Para po ito sa bayan Ms Ampy.

    • The only truth I found in Anonymous’ rhetorics were the profile of the clowns involved. But Anonymous is just asserting a very tedious story without evidence to back it up so I have no reason to believe that the story is true.

      • Without evidence, a story can be considered as hearsay.However, once the story gets too detailed, it would either mean that the person is a very good bullshit storyteller, or is someone who’s actually telling the truth. It’s your choice which of the two will you believe in.

      • You’re an idiot. What kind of evidence would be suffice in this situation. I wont even trust our judicial system for this. Ampatuans are not even convicted yet for killing more the 50 people in broad day light. You feel it in your gut that ampatuans are guilty. We should feel it in our guts that what anonymous is saying is true.
        By common sense all politicians are doing the same thing and there may be other companies like JLN.

      • Your name suits your comment. The facts are staring you right in the face, and you choose to ignore them. have you been living under a rock? Maybe you’re new here? If you have no reason to believe that their story is true why the hell did you just waste your time typing those letters? C’mon! You feel it in your gut that its true don’t you? ang hirap lang tanggapin. You even chose highfalutin words. Do you really believe what you just wrote?

    • It’s in Beverly Hills! if that’s not “glamorous” enough for you, well it is for most people. Especially if their taxes go to someone else’s pockets. I don’t care how her mother raised her,it’s their life. What I care about is where they get their money from.

    • seriously? don’t effing nitpick your words, idiot. we don’t care how much her mother loved her, we just want to know how the hell was her mother able to give her all that was given to her. care to answer that, or will you be tongue-tied, too? just go bury yourself already.

    • It’s in Beverly Hills! if that’s not “glamorous” enough for you, well it is for most people. Especially if their taxes go to someone else’s pockets. I don’t care how her mother raise her,it’s their life. What I care about is where they get their money from.

    • Oh please, stop defending this family. You don’t go from being a wife of a Philippine Marine officer to living in Pacific Plaza and sending your kids to ISM in a span of 15 years. I hate bullying but she is not a victim. I’m sure she knows where her parents got their money. No teenager is that naive. Plus, her parents could have transferred her to another school if it got too bad. They just wanted to show off that they are are as “good” and as rich–if not richer–than the other kids. I read in a Rappler forum her classmates have long suspected they came from “dirty money”. We may not have evidence, but you feel it in your gut to be true. Ordinary employees without means or influence to protect themselves will not give damning affidavits if they felt they had nowhere else to to go.

      • Thank God for Instagram! Because of this, another truth was unearthed. It’s so ironic that when people do nasty, ill, greedy things, the truth will always prevail. 10 years after? No matter how deeper than the core of the earth they have kt this, the truth has it’s way of surfacing out. The problem now is, how do we solve this?

      • first of all jeane napoles did not go to ISM for 15 years she was only there for two years.. and none of janet’s other children went to ISM except for Jeane. what non-sense is this? she’s actually from LASALLE.

  61. This not related to NAPOLES but somehow the same with how politicians and government employees earn money thru use of projects and public bidding :

    In PASIG CITY. you give 10% to the City Engineer and 3% to the sanggunian. Remember the Montero vehicles given to the Pasig city councilors?
    How Bidding is conducted: YES there is publication and posting in PHILGEPS, but you will only win after paying the 10%. During the bidding, the city engineer will only read names of the contractors who won. In 1 minute, the bidding is finished.

    Department of tourism: There is POSTING and PUBLICATION and strict reading of the bidding documents. But do you know that there is POST QUALIFICATION? this is the time that the lowest bidder will disqualified for unreasonable grounds. Then you will file an request to reconsider your bid but which will be denied without answering your queries. see http://wheninphilippines.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/department-of-tourism-bidding/

    National Irrigation Administration: (one example office in Florida blanca pamapanga), psoting and publication will be conducted but teh chief engineer will talked to the bidders not to bid because there is already a taker (contractor) which was endorsed by the congressman. i remembered that there is one District engineer of DPWH of other province talked to us because the project is already given to a contractor of the said congressman. But of course since you incurred expenses, the Chief Engineer will give you money. Computation is 3% of the project then divided by the number of contractors who purchased the bid documents. He is member of the iglesia ni kristo (a jakulo of bulacan)

    Senator Cayetano and Party List rep Villanueva: Yes, they actively expressing their anti corruption campaign, but the same with other politicians, they also received 30% of the project thru their staff holding the documents (kumbaga taga process); the 30% maybe lowered depending on the project like kung magpapatong lang graba sa kalye. (i give benefit on the doubt on the said officials since the contractor cannot talked directly to them.)

    Fort Bonifacio Philippine Army Headquarters – the irregularity is with regard to the purchase of bid documents. They do not issue official receipt but issue temporary receipt. Computerized or print out at hahatiin nila sa harap mo ang papel para may kopya ka.

    NHA- yes the Bids and awards Committee will do everything just to disqualify a contractor and award the project to their contractor.

    DPWH- same. you pay mula sa secretary.

    LGUs- go to philgeps, log in and attend the bidding or purchase bid documents and i assure you, you will not be allowed to purchase either because they will tell you na may taker na or nawawala ang employee. or madalas tatatakutin ka na lang na matatalo ka or pagiinitan ka at di ka makakakolekta.

    BIR – yes we are computerized. but did you know that if you will be examined and you have liability like for example 2,000,000. You pay 500,000 with receipt and the 300,000 no receipt.

    If you want to ask kung kumikita ba ang contractor dahil sa lagay? YES. because the SOP is already computed and included in the project.

    In sum: i think the problem is with the Bids and awards committee

    sana lang na basta govt employee/officer/politician ang involved death penalty na agad regardless or life or reclusion perpetua

    • tama ka dyan. nasa mentalidad nating mga pilipino ang problema. kahit anong gawin natin ay iisip at iisip ang mga tarantadong public officials paano makukurakot ang kaban ng bayan. dapat kulong o bitay agad ang parusa para sa mga korupt at magnanakaw para magdalawang isip ang mga buwaya sa kapangarihan.

  62. Remember that the daughter should not be on the receiving end of any hate. You’re after the mom. The daughter should never suffer for the sins of the mother, that is, IF proven. http://getrealphilippines.com/blog/2013/08/jeane-lim-napoles-guilty-of-what-exactly/

    Also, pork barrel is not unique to the Philippines.

    Next, you might want to support Sen. Santiago’s move:

    • Not yet. But nif it’s proven that the taxes the Napoleses paid were nowhere the amount they lavished on their luxurious lifestyle, they will do time in jail. including those who partook of the fruits of the crime, meaning the children. If you’re gonna hit the family, hit them where it hurts most and you squeeze all the info you need from them. The socialite daughter is fair game.

      Miriam? No effin way! She’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  63. Pingback: SAAABEH? (MODERN SAYINGS 2) | The Professional Heckler

    • sang-ayon ako dito. Yung iba nga nilang public officials na naakusahan pa lang ng korupsyon at anomalya ay nag-suicide dahil sa kahihiyan. walang hiya mga public officials natin dito, pinapalabas sila pa ang biktima.

  64. Because everyone is apparently appaled at this display of stolen wealth, and the shameless way with which they deny it, I propose a solution, so that it won’t be all talk and all of us people would have an opportunity to effect change.

    I propose we start a common fund, administered by someone trustworthy (say Rudy Duterte?). Each person contributes PhP1.00 for the betterment of the Philippines. Let’s call it “Piso para sa mga buwaya”

    At our population of 104million as of 2012, at conservative numbers of even just 10% able to contribute, we are able to raise 10.4 million.

    Now, what do we do with that money?


    How much do killers-for-hire charge nowadays? 100k? 200k?

    Now I am sure we can find someone who wants to do the Filipino people a great service and be paid a big bonus like that?

    Now that we have the funds to do it, time to give them a chance to come clean. Maybe start with Bong Revilla, Jr. (just because I hate his guts, and he thinks he can fool everyone by just crying out that they are doing a demolition job on him because of his big chances of winning the presidency in 2016…puhlease!)

    Start with the unrepentant ones, and then work down the list.

    For 10Million pesos, I am pretty sure somebody can find the means to do it. Ikanga, kung ayaw, may dahilan, kung gusto, may paraan. In this case, we are just providing the 10million reasons para “gusto”.

    The best thing about it, we can all do something about it with just a simple PhP1.00, and not just all this yickety yackety that gets us nowhere.

    Time to let them pay for it.

    Now this seems like a very far fetched idea. I agree, it is. But hey, they were able to resort to their own brand of creativity to steal from us, the Filipino people. Hindi lahat ng mga Pinoy ay bobo. If we really want this enough, we can find a way.

    This early, I am pledging my PhP1.00.

    Make them accountable. Maybe then, we will have real public servants, answerable to the people.

    All it takes is just PhP1.

    • Siryoso ka ba murder is a mortal sin … kung mag-a-advocate ka ng ganito di mas worst ka pa sa mga kurakot sa ating bansa … mas worst ka pa sa isang corrupt na Napoles :(

      • Why not? Just being real about it. What else do you wanna do about it besides your lip service?

        And you think any “investigations” will prosper? Seriously?

        Here is an opportunity for us to make a difference. And it doesn’t take a lot.

        I am just being a catalyst. Providing the seed. Providing Juan dela Cruz with a means by which he can act on his frustration.

        Either that or migrate, and forget you were a Filipino…someday, somewhere, a long long time ago.

      • And how many people do you think have died because they have nothing to pay for medical services because of people like these? Seriously statehood?? So what do we do then? pag state of PH na tayo ng states? ok na no? solve na ang problema? dahil ba magaling silag humawak ng gobyerno? o magaling silang magtago ng sikreto?

    • What about TAX REVOLT by the working class? May nagsuggest nito sa itaas. Ito ay silent revolt pero matindi. Nakakaawa ang bansa kung nagkataon pero kung walang makitang solusyon ang gobyerno, sino pa ang gustong magbayad ng buwis? Seryoso po kaming humihingi na pakinggan nyo kami Mr. President. Ipakulong na ang dapat ipakulong. Bakit nagagawa to ng ibang bansa? Kaya tayo di siniseryoso eh. Panahon na para lagyan ng ngipin ang mga batas.

      • Pano mag TAX REVOLT ang working class? di pa tayo pirmado sa payroll e kaltas na ung tax natin? pano tayo iiwas sa eVAT? “miss pabili ng grocery, paki tanggal ung eVAT” We can’t consider this option, the country is running on tax money, oo mawawalan nga sila ng nanakawin, mawawalin din naman ng dugo ekonomiya natin. What we really need is poetic justice.

    • Don’t trust duterte. He is hands off when it comes to powerful criminals.

      How come he not dispatching his dds to kill cong ungab?

    • Gustuhin ko man pero hindi na ito nakakatawa Abu Gadi. Seryosohin na natin ito. Kaya yang mga pulitiko na yan at ang mga taong gaya nila Napoles ay yumaman ng ganyan dahil matagal ng nagsawalang kibo rin ang karamihan sa atin. Para bang, ok wala talagang mangyayari. Eh kung patuloy tayong ganun, anong mangyayari? Hindi naman puwedeng sakupin ulit tayo ng Estados Unidos gaya ng sabi mo. Ano na lang yung pinaglaban ng ating mga ninuno? Tumayo naman tayo sa ating mga paa. Kaya naman kung magkaisa.

      • Hindi naman tayo papasakop … aanib tayo bilang isang miyembro ng Union ng USA … at saka medyo medieval thinking na iyang pasakop … banda huli sa political evolution natin mga humans sa planeta natin … magiging isang bansa din tayo … why not join the Union with the most powerful and democratic thinking people in the planet … mas feasible yata iyong suggestion ko kaysa pumatay ng tao … just my opinion WSL :D

  65. I think one problem is that we don’t have strong enough watchdog groups, similar to Color of Change in the US and other stronger advocacies. Dito mahirap magtayo ng ganun, at kung meron man, kokotongan kaagad ng politika, and before you know it, they get eaten up by the system. That’s what I think happened with some groups now allied with the current administration. If we need strong watchdog groups with strong integrity, and will not give in, even to politicians they favor. They should stay strong with remains outside of any political sphere of influence.

  66. Where did you get that 70% data? The NSCB’s official poverty incidence rate is only 22.3%. (But of course that would be debatable depending on the person’s bias)

  67. Dear Netizens…

    We are very surprised to see this overwhelming response online. We seek no attention and we don’t welcome fame. That said, we will continue to be anonymous.

    To the blog owner, the community wants to protect you. How can we protect your blog? Are you well informed on how to use each security feature on wordpress? If not, you can ask the community here on how you can further enhance the security of your blog and its consistencies. And to the community, let’s guard this blog.

    This could be our last entry here. And we will make it quick.

    JLN Corporation is only a small part of the structured embezzlement system established in this government. do you think that if all of us demand to “open janet’s bank accounts” will happen? No. Why? She’s is protected by law not to do it. Just like you and me. You have the right to refuse not to show your bank accounts to me, or to your friends, cousins, etc. Janet will exercise that right, same as we can also exercise our rights. Remember jose pidal? Was the envelope opened? No. How about corona? Were all the key bank accounts revealed? No. The Marcoses, their offshore accounts, yes they are “freezed”, but have you seen the details? No. And where are they now? They are still in power. And they will be forever in power. How about chavit singson? Do you know that he owns the land where metrowalk ortigas is located? How were they able to own that? Of course through jueteng and corruption. But that’s another story.

    The point is – the philippine law is in Janet’s side. Like others that were in the same situation as her now – marcos, estrada, lacson, glorya, corona and countless politicians (well almost all of them) – this too shall pass. And she will be acquitted. I can see the web traffic on this blog and there’s a significant number of lawyers reading this comment at this very moment. And they know that I am right. Surprisingly, Janet is reading this blog right now, and you can just imagine her big smile painted on her face.

    Why? Because the people you elected created a law that will protect them from us. And there is nothing that we can do. There is nothing that you can do. People power? Yes we can all march on Edsa and after that what? We will all be back where this issue left off – country will still be in poverty.

    Let’s go back to the current issue. Janet’s company, JLN Corporation together with her family, serves only a fraction of what caused the poverty in this nation. She’s only a part of a hand that feeds the mouth and the whole body. Now, ponder this, IF the Napoles is put into prison at this very instant, and we recovered their wealth and put it back from the people’s coffer – now what? The same congressmen, senators, cabinet members, police chiefs, army chiefs, NBI chiefs, judges will start to steal again. Have we solved the root cause the nation’s problem? No.

    You and I are angry at Janet. Yes, that is true. But consider this, Janet is only a facilitator. The beneficiaries of everything she stole goes back to the senators, congressmen, mayors, etc. And JLN Corporation is only ONE company that we are aware of. There are MANY companies and foundations out there that, members of the congress and senators operate. You think that enrile has no foundation similar to janet? Hell no, he got dozens. And also estrada, etc.

    I want to state some facts here. Janet is still “poor” compare to the arroyos and macapagals. In fact, janet’s wealth doesn’t even come close to pandak. Pandak’s family has been plundering the nation since Diosdado’s time. How? That’s why Dado got rid off the americans because Dado wants absolute control of the country’s wealth. Similar to glorya, from VP to President to congress. They will fuck everyone just to stay with power. Why? Annual country budget in our country averages Php21Trillion. Imagine even if you can have 1% of that amount every year, will you not kill anyone that will stand in your way and fuck everyone else?

    Now let’s go back. JLN corp and jo-chris trading accumulated wealth during the time of arroyo. And we all know for a fact that marcos’ wealth is puny compare to the collective wealth of the arroyos and macapagals. And during the time of arroyo, everyone steals from everybody and they made a killing. Do you think that with a company like Janet’s will not attract arroyo’s attention during her term?

    Arroyo knows janet and glorya just let her run her business. Why? Arroyo was busy in bigger projects and Janet’s company breathes life to this ecosystem and keeps its liquidity. Janet’s company and other companies similar to hers keep things balance in this systematic scheme and organized plunder.

    So people, if we want to be angry, let’s not be angry to one person only. Let’s be angry to the people who held post during glorya’s term and to previous and current members of congress and some senators (wait, is tito sotto still a senator? No wonder) and mayors, and governors, and cabinet members and their undersecretaries.

    To all the people who demand for trial and investigation, please stop, please. Nothing will come out of that investigation and please don’t fool yourselves that if you make a campaign to stop and abolish pork barrel and pork barrel will be gone – no, it will not happen. Never.

    The philippines have already suffered enough. All our previous people power were all peaceful and look at ourselves now. We are still here and I am writing this piece.

    The solution is a violent revolt against all members of congress and senate. Let their bodies hang on bridges and burn their houses. Once the purge is over, the government should hire a foreign consulting company that will handle the nation’s budget and rebuild this nation from ground up. It is a fact that we filipinos cannot govern our own selves, let’s face it. Once we see power and wealth within our grasps, we don’t fucking care anymore. This is the only way to restore our nation and to bring back countless OFWs abroad and start a new life for the current generation.

    There is no other solution.

    Before we abandon this blog, we will give you the telephone number of Janet. All of them have accounts in Globe. So if you have friends working in the call centre of globe, you can hook up with them and uncover all their numbers. Once Janet’s number is out, it will only be a matter of hours before she switches to another number, so text her with something substantial that will drive her do the right thing. The family is still in the country but they will be leaving next week. Numerous congressmen and senators are already sending their children abroad so better hurry if we will start a bloody revolt. Burning the houses in ayala alabang and forbes park is a good place to start the purge.

    Here is her number:
    +63917 525 XXXX (edited)

    Remember, this is not all Janet’s fault, her part in this grand scheme is very, very, very, little to be honest. The whole nation is in poverty because of the people you voted and they created laws that will make it legitimate to steal from you and me and from all of us. Kill all the congressmen. Kill all the senators. Don’t forget to kill the Macapagals and the Arroyos down to their last kin. Guard the airports and seaports, don’t let them out. And we will have our freedom and you will all get your taxes back. you can also kill kris aquino if you like.

    Or maybe we can just sit back and relax and go back to work on Monday and forget that this blog ever existed. Just dont be mad when you see your payslip with the word TAX on it, and GSIS/SSS, and salary loans, and PAGIBIG and all those other shit that only your payroll team knows.

    Tita Jenny, we are very sorry for this and to Jeane – we hate to admit but all the parties you had were all amazing and you really know how to bring the house down *wink wink high fives and down lows wink wink*. But we have to do this. Who knows tita jen, you may become a hero in this story because you became the catalyst to finally make a positive change in this country. But we think everyone is looking for you now. And there is no fucking way out.

    And to the napoles children, all of you should have known that your parents were helping politicians steal money, you should have told them before to stop immediately. And to janet and jimmy, you should be ashamed of yourselves bringing your own demise to your family. and to ALL the politicians, PNP chiefs, Army chiefs, judges and cabinet members, just pray that the napoleses wont post your home addresses and phone numbers here on this blog – else you’ll be all fucked. (We want to see Glorya and Enrile fucked up so hard by the way – if a bloody revolt happens. How long enrile has been in power? since 1986? fuck hell, how much is his worth now?!?!)


    (Haven’t you noticed that globe is owned by the ayalas, ayala alabang is of course alayas and every politician has a house in that village, and everything else is ayala – aside from the lopezes, cojuangcos, gokongweis, villars, madrigals, monteverdes, sys, tans, uys, villars, etc etc etc. I thought that we were free from the spaniards more than a century ago? Seems not.)

    • Hmm, interesting tidbits… but kill everyone? Not that good a solution at all. If this is how Filipinos think, no wonder we’re not getting any better.

    • Are you freaking serious Mr. Anonymous? Wag namang ganun pero dapat hindi makakalipad ng ibang bansa ang yan at mga anak ng mga mambabatas. Natatakot ako sa mga mangyayari. Magdasal tayong lahat.

    • Only someone so cynical ala-Magdalo/NPA type would wish everyone dead. I think I will just support the abolition of pork barrel, thank you very much. And please stop using the Ayalas as if they had a direct hand into these conspiracies you’re weaving. They have never dabbled in politics or ran for office. Some parts of your story are believable, others are just plain nuts that I could not help but think you must have a selfish agenda of your own. But thanks for the information. Parts of your story was appreciated.

      • Bakit nga parang galit sa mayaman itong si Anonymous baka naman di totoo mga sinasabi mo inggit ka lang sa may pera at naninira ka lang. Galit ka sa mga ayala.. awayin mo na rin si Henry Sy, Cojuangcos, Marcoses, Villar at Atong Ang. Baka naman personal mo kasing kilala si Napoles at sa kanya ka lang may juicy tidbits haha!!

      • kookie. hindi mo na ba naisip kung bakit smart, globe at sun lang meron na network sa pilipinas? hindi mo din ba napansin na kahit saang sulok ng bansa ka magpunta, makakakuha ka ng simcard?

        hindi mo ba alam na pag nagpunta ka sa america, europe, canada, dubai, etc, kelangan mong i-photocopy ang passport mo, driver’s license mo, proof of billing address, bago ka mabigyan ng kahit pre-paid simcard man lang. bakit? dahil para accountable ang bawat isa na may cellphone at may simcard.

        sa pilipinas ano? nagiging sangkap ng paggawa ng krimen ang communication network, kaya hinding-hindi mo ma-te-trace kung sino ang holdaper, magnanakaw, rapist at mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno.

        ano koneksyon ng mga ayala at lopezes dito? kontrolado nila telecoms sa pilipinas at malaki ang bilyon ang kinikita nila. at nag-lo-lobby sila sa mga congressman para huwag magkaron ng batas na papasukin ang mga international telco na may mas mabilis at mababang singil sa telco tulad ng verizon, at&t, vodafone, telstra, rogers, etc.

        bakit tatakbo sila ayala sa pulitika eh ang laki na ng kinikita nya sa pagbenta pa lang ng real estate sa mga pulitiko. bakit pa papahirapan ng mga ayala ang mga sarili nila na mangampanya, tumakbo sa pwesto eh alam naman nila na sa kanila lahat pupunta pag kelangan ng utilities, real estate, medical struture, etc.

        kookie, kung ikukumpara ang mga sinasabi mo dito kasama ng mga iba mong tropa sa sinasabi ng mga anonymous dito nag bibigay ng detailed information, nagmumukha lang kayong bobo sa lahat at sinungaling.

      • Mr. Anonymous, please stop dragging businessmen into this. They are paying corporate taxes and giving other people jobs while these politicians are just stealing our taxes in broad daylight. I have a feeling maybe because they want to “keep up” with these successful tycoons and take shortcuts. Besides, other foreign telco providers can enter the country by purchasing either stocks or PLDT or Globe. And so what if they lobby? Lobbying is different from plunder and graft. And many groups lobby all the time in all countries. Your expose is appreciated, though extending your cynicism to other people is not.

      • Anonymous nung pumunta ako sa state nakabili naman ako ng sim sa at&t without my passport, birth cert. at kung ano ano pang sinabi mo? Di kaya ikaw ang nagrarant ng walang kabuluhan without getting your facts straight first? Tsk tsk

      • girl kookai, highblood ka naman masyado, relax ka lang, napaghahalata ka na may koneksyon ka sa mga nasasangkot sa scandal eh, sige ka, ikaw din.

        nung ni-register mo yung simcard mo sa at&t online para mag-activate, yung go-phone, kelangan mo ilagay yung simcard number mo, tapos kung new user ka, tapos identity mo i-re-register mo, etc etc. ang ibig sabihin ni anonymous sa taas, sa pilipinas, bumili ka lang ng simcard sa kanto, lagay mo sa phone mo, gora ka na.

        totoo na makakabili ka sa US ng simcard na wala na yung mga IDs, pero pag i-a-activate mo yung simcard, kelangan mo i-identify yung sarili mo na ikaw ang owner ng simcard na yun at yun yung point na kelangan mo na ilagay yung identity mo. gets?

      • Yo kookie! Your comments are all over the place! Wala ka bang trabaho? Why dont you get a life instead? I can read your name everytime i scroll the page down. Get a life will you?

      • I tried calling her around 10:40 am (usa est) and she answered my call. I asked if she is Janet and was told that what do I need. She told me that the number I called belongs to atty. baligud…

        2 hrs later . the subscriber can’t be reached.

    • I always tell my wife that the only way Philippines can be renewed is thru war. I believe that your suggestion will work and maybe the ultimate solution. But it will not be done. Not in the near future. It might happen when filipinos are so poor they become savages.

    • Seriously, a lot of people may have already been thinking about killing them off. Anonymous was just reading what was on everyone’s minds.

      Drastic? Of course. But the question remains: what is one to do with this fucked up situation? I agree though that we should just outsource our government from Singapore or Malaysia.

      I for one want to leave the country.


    • I, too, am starting to doubt the motives of this Anonymous commenter. Why is he all over Arroyo, and not pointing at people from the ruling party? If he knows this much, surely he knows hindi “tuwid ang daan?”

      • hindi mo ba nabasa yung listahan sa baba? parehong mga partido yung mga magnanakaw. magbasa-basa naman pag may time at gimtin din ang utak pag may time.

    • Let me say something. Just my 2 cents on this. When Marcos was exiled and dethroned, as far as history is concerned, it was the late mother of Pnoy, Cory Aquino who started the pork barrel. Well maybe it was started in good fate but was abused and is continuously abused. I think we should start agreeing of Changing the LAWS. Let us all go for CHACHA or charter change, because with our present law, the lawmakers are just getting richer by the minute! Cant u see the reason why these money-hungry creatures do not like charter change???? Simply because they all benefit from this! And their corruption are being protected by it!!!

      So no matter how much you abhor janet napoles and the politicians under her hand, you can never put them on jail. They are the lawmakers and they know it better than us!!! They know their way out!

      Chacha is the way!!!!

      • actually hindi naman lahat kasi corrupt and there are very few who stands for a charter change. You know, if it will be for their good, they would all sign for it! If the new set laws will not affect their monkey business am sure they will be all part of it. So they will not be the same lawmakers. If sila sila lang yun uli, mas lalo pa nila pagagandahin ang batas na naayon sa pangkocorrupt nila diba??? However, this is not what charter change is all about. It will be grafters death. :-)

    • To anonymous @4:32pm – salamat naman kung sa tingin mo ako si ms expose’, kaso ayokong agawin ang trono ng tao kung sino man naglabas ng mga katotohanan na ito.

      hindi ako cynic na tulad ng sinasabi mo. empleyado ka ba ng mga pangilinan or lopezes or ayalas kaya naiirita ka? did i hit a chord on your nerve?

      at anong pinagsasabi mo na pwedeng makapasok ang foreign telco dito? iba ang investment ng isang kumpanya kung bibili lang sila ng stocks ng pldt or globe. may nakita ka na ba na AT&T dito? gano kabilis internet dito sa pilipinas? magkano binabayad ng bawat tao sa mga may DSL na simbagal ng dial-up at napaka-walang kwentang customer service na halos kalahating oras kang nakahold at mga bobong agents ng pldt at smart at globe dahil hindi marunong kung ano ano ang pagkakaiba ng SMTP sa Incoming Mail Server?

      Kung yung kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuhan mo ay may sinceridad na tumulong sa bansa, i-re-regulate nila pagbenta ng mga SIM cards para identified lahat ng mga users. Eh kaso ganid sila kaya wala silang pakialam kahit mga holdaper gumamit ng simcards nila.

      The companies we are talking about do not mean that they are not evil by providing jobs to filipinos. Like janet, they are also facilitators to the true thieves of this country.

      “Besides, other foreign telco providers can enter the country by purchasing either stocks or PLDT or Globe.” – natawa talaga ako dito sa comment mo. halatang hindi ka nagiisip. hindi na kita papatulan, pinakita mo na dito sa mundo kung anong klaseng pagiisip at lohika meron ka.

      • Hello Mr. Anonymous. Ang per capita income ng isang ordinaryong Pilipino ay kakaiba sa per capita income ng isang ordinaryong Amerikano na sineserbisyohan ng AT&T. Iilan lang sa atin ang may sweldo na kayang magbayad ng matataas na postpaid fees habang nagpapalaki ng pamilya. Ang mabilis na internet connection para sa buong bansa ay nangangailangan ng napaka-laking investment sa imprastraktura sa fiber optic cable, na siya namang ipapasa ng mga malalaking telco sa kanilang mga customers. Gustuhin man natin ng mabilis na internet, may magbabayad ba? Kuntento na siguro ako sa kasalukuyang speed ko kahit na sabihing mabagal, kung ihahambing sa iba, pero dahil ito lang ang kaya kong bayaran.

        Hayaan na lang natin ang mga negosyo na nangangailangan ng mga mabibilis na internet speed at bumili na lang sila ng VPN nila mula sa Globe / Smart / Sun.

        Pinapakita mo rin sa amin na medyo tagilid ka din mag-isip kaya medyo nakakawala ng tiwala ang mga isinulat nitong huli.

        Muli, salamat sa iyong mga expose. Sana may mga mabubuting tao na nakabasa ng mga isinuwalat mo at ako rin ay nakiki-isa na sana, may kabutihan na mangyayari dahil sa mga ibinulatlat mo.

        Pero mas gugustuhin ko pa ring isipin ang mabuti kaysa mag-isip ng mali at magdulot ng karahasan sa kapwa tao.

    • Gosh, I was thinking exactly the same thing. We need some sort of “purge” of the people in power ala French Revolution. o.O

  68. only someone from the intelligence community can be this detailed…although the information may be true i’m still a bit skeptical on the motive of anonymous or the group behind him…

  69. Ampy magkano parte mo sa mga nanakaw ng mga napoles sa bayan? Nag enjoy ka nman sa bday party ni baby girl? “Attend to other important matter”. Boba ka.

      • Well, at least you got some of your taxes back Ampy with the takeaway food and centerpiece. Unfortunately, we all wish the Napoles family they could just go burn in hell at this point.

  70. Natawa ako when I’ve viewed their website. A company that ‘earns’ billion will only have html pages. Weird. If they really a big company and have big clients, wouldn’t it worth it to have a dynamic site just like other companies?

    Thanks MommyJ and anonymous!

  71. This is a challenge to all Pilipino people kong magagawa ba natin ang People Power since walang magbabayad para maghakot ng mga tao gaya ng mga nakaraang people power. This is People in the Philippines vs Politicians in the Philippines. Nasaan na ang mga protesters? akbayan, bayan muna, piston, militant group, vigilante group, grabriela, magsasaka, OFW, etc eto po ang dapat nating pagprotestahan dahil eto ang punot dulo ng kahirapan sa Pilipinas. Let’s do this!

  72. so much claims, so little to back it up. sobra tayong excited ivillify kung sino man makitaan natin ng pera. slow down with the accusations and the assumptions. we are not the authority of something we know little about or something we perceive we know a lot. if we act like we are the justice system, then the purpose of government is nothing anymore.

      • The biggest crime syndicate in the philippines is the government.

        They circumvent all the laws & they abuse their power.

        Something has to be cut.

    • Yun nga eh, we leave it to the government pero ano na ang nangyari? Wala! Sabi nga ni gus abelgas, hindi nagsisinungaling ang ebidensiya. Nasa harapan na natin ang ebidensiya at sa kahihintay natin sa gobyerno na mag act, those evidences are good as gone..

  73. I am so mad.. This is something beyond our control. Good thing I don’t vote. Kasi kung bumuboto ako, sising sisi ako ngayon. Mr/Ms Anonymous, lahat ng sinabe mo could be true, and if you do have access to these corrupt officers. maybe it’s about time that you expose them so people would be aware.

  74. we should start backing up all of the info’s here., I remember what the Yellow Zomby did to an article about what Cory Aquino did on Marcos Plan to their wealth before he died.

    As this article will be spread out, there will be some who will infiltrate this and hack your blog,.

  75. Off with their heads! Let’s learn a thing or two from the French Revolution. After seeing someone’s head on a pike I doubt if anyone else will have the courage to steal. Seriously.

  76. Unang solusyon, magsalita na si Janet Lim-Napoles at pangalanan na niya ang mga sangkot sa pork barrel scam na to. People are angry. If you don’t want you and your family to go down alone, dapat po talagang pangalanan nyo na. Take them down with you.

  77. anong spam ang pinagsasabi mo hoy duwag ka pasorry sorry kapa tapos ganito ang yung gagawin sana namatay kana sa sakit mong cancer ba yun o sakit sa lalaki akala mo di kita kilala hoy lalabas ko rin sa youtube ang sex video nyo ng kalaguyo mo sa parking akala mo di kayo nakunan hahahahahaha

  78. Maraming salamat sa blog article mo Jan! Dahil dito nakapili ng channel si Anonymous na ilabas ang mga nalalaman nya. Nakakapanghina mabasa lahat ng to. Anong gagawin natin?

  79. Unang solusyon, magsalita na si Janet Lim-Napoles at pangalanan na niya ang mga sangkot sa pork barrel scam na to. People are angry. If you don’t want you and your family to go down alone, dapat po talagang pangalanan nyo na. Take them down with you.

    *Pakidelete po yung similar comment na may email address ko. MAraming salamat.

  80. In God’s time will this corrupt lady and the corrupt senators be held accountable in front of millions of filipinos and and be put in prison in perpetuity.

  81. I hope they live long, suffer to an unimaginable degree, and die miserble and poor. No. I will not be sorry for my sentiments. To live a lavish and sinful lifestyle and to engage in debauch in money that you don’t own is a fucking crime. These people should be drawn and quartered and their corpses should be left on display for the public to spit and vomit on. Specially that slut of a daughter that she has. A hartigan she must really be.

  82. Nakakagalit talaga itong korapsyon na ito! Ang malala pa ay tila hinahayaan lang natin silang makawala nang basta-basta! (Magtataka ka pa ba, kung mismong sina Imelda Marcos, Erap, Gloria Arroyo ay nasa puwesto pa rin matapos ang lahat ng kagaguhang ginawa nila sa bayan?)

    Puwede bang huwag nang magbayad ng buwis? Puwede bang himukin kayong magprotesta sa EDSA? Hindi yata. Inaanyayahan ko kayong magbilang ng araw hanggang sa may managot na sa problemang ito: http://maynanagotnaba.tumblr.com

    (Paumanhin at salamat, Jan, sa shameless promotion. Pero hangga’t hirap ang media na isiwalat ang lahat ng baho ng gobyerno, ang sari-sarili nating paraan, tulad ng iyong blog, ay makakatulong na kalampagin ang mga konsensya ng mga pulitiko… kung meron man sila nito.)

  83. just check the baptismal certificate of janet’s eldest child(tintin). it will show that a person they dont know (gringgo), is one of the ninongs.

  84. Offer Napoles a deal to be a witness agaist the Politicians. American Gangster style. It’s the only way. We take her out, a hundred others are going to take her place.

  85. They are all definitely guilty. Now, let’s see this Daang Matuwid show its true color. And stop praying to God. That’s another reason why so much crap happens in this country. Do something instead of praying like go to the streets! They’re stealing your money, for crying out loud! That’s why your children have nothing to eat and can’t get a decent education.

  86. Reblogged this on illusorily and commented:
    I’m reblogging this because hearing about the Napoles’ lifestyle really bothered me. (That, and the fact that Jeane Napoles is apparently ‘important’ enough to attend award shows like the Grammys and MTV Music Awards. Which prompts me to ask: Who ARE they?)

    • Di rin kaya may gumagamit lang din kay Janet Napoles para mapagtakpan ang sarili? Baka naman kaya di nagsasalita ang mga Napoles ay totoo ang sinasabi nilang wala silang alam sa nangyayari. #scapegoat #conspiracytheory

      • Smokescreen mo mukha mo Carlos “Chino” Fernandez aka CARLOS….haltang propagandista ka at nanghihingi ka ng salapi sa mga Napoles dahil sa tanda mo na yan wala ka pang trabaho at palamunin ka pa kaya pati si Jeane pinagtatanggol mo para may pera at syota ka gago

  87. The Philippines is corrupt to the core. Yes we are irritated, infuriated and insert here all the ugly adjectives we know. The point is, they are in their respective government seats for a reason, because they were “voted”. It’s the same thing as how a convicted felon like ERAP was once again given a position in the government. Only the educated people are the ones who gives a rat’s ass about these kinds of atrocities. Only a little percentage of the rich do vote, and the middle class might have already given up because majority of our countrymen comprise of those who live in poverty. The masses most likely get paid to vote, either that or they are just too dang st*p*d to make the same mistakes over and over again. And then eventually, we get only headaches.

    This Napoles Scam is indeed one of the worst in Philippine history, next to the now-forgotten Arroyo monstrosity. Even if we submit this story to independent agencies like Transparency International and other news outlets, only a fraction and a diminutive percentage would know (and eventually forget) it. As we have seen through the years the upper and the middle class do not give a d*mn, the impoverished are left out in the streets carrying their slogans and they don’t even inflict a tiny spark of guilt in the calloused hearts of those in the government AND media. Plus, the oligarchs who rule the country are the hidden influencers of our laws, that is how our lawmakers benefit from their positions. This is the slap-in-the-face reality we already know of.

    People power. Well, given the cynical perception I have stated above, it is obvious that the people need to be educated on this issue, but how do we do that if most are paid, or no longer listen, or like beguiling “news” personalities, sugarcoat these topics? How do we get the truth known if the ones who disseminate them give out their own “supposed” truth? Given the fact that this point of concern is one that will rattle the ones in power, no one in their right minds, would want to come out with the truth, most especially those who are aware of the kind of “protection” the government is “able” to give. How can we when we cannot trust our own people?

    PS. This is my first and last comment. Other than ranting here, I have already done my part in letting this issue come to surface around the globe. Someone get this topic trending over at social media outlets, maybe a miracle can happen like that of Egypt’s Facebook revolution.

  88. Bottomline, hindi naman tatagal ang mga ganitong scam kung matino lang gobyerno natin. Kaso mga gahaman rin na ang gusto lang eh yumaman ng yumaman kaya kulang nalang sila na mismo pumatay sa mga mahihirap kasi hindi rin naman nila sila natutulungan. Lahat ng binabayad nating buwis, napupunta lang sa panggastos nila para sa kanilang mga Ferrari o kung ano man.

    Tangin*ng Janet Napoles ‘to. Ang lakas pa ng loob para sabihin na lahat ng pera nila nanggaling sa legitimate business nila. Sinong ginago mo?

    Lahat ng tao na gahaman dapat pinapatay. Seryoso. Ang bastos lang.

  89. Pagkatapos ko basahin lahat ng comments “wala pa din akong pakialam”. I mean sa tingin mo? Pag naging mayaman ka ba? sasaya ka?… Automatic ba yun?… Hindi ako mayaman pero hindi din ako mahirap… masaya na akong nakakakain ako ng 3 beses sa isang araw… I hugged those beggars and give them food… What I mean is wala akong pakialam kahit manakawan ako ng paulit ulit kasi tanga akong naniniwalang “mas mabuting nananakawan kaysa nagnanakaw”… Ginagawa ko ang tingin ko ay kung pano ako pinakanakakatulong sa bansa sa ngayon… nagtuturo ako ng libre sa aking mga kababayan… In the end kung totoo mang ninanakawan tayo ng mga pinuno natin “PARA SA AKIN”… It’s their loss not ours… Cguro just try to enlighten them… mahalaga ang pera pero mas makikita mo ang tunay na saya sa panahong di mo kailangang gumamit ng pera….

    • anong it’s their loss not ours? anlaking pera ang na-loss na natin! ano ka ba? wala na ang mga bilyong buwis na ibinayad ng mga Pilipino tapos sasabihin mo, it’s their loss, not ours??? kung ang perang ninanakaw ay napunta sana sa tapat na mga proyekto para sa edukasyon, hindi ka nagtuturo ng libre. malamang ibang advocacy ang ginagawa mo? nakikita mo ba ang punto? may nagnanakaw kasi may mga taong gaya mo na kinukunsinti ang mga magnanakaw sa pamamagitan ng mga bulok na ideolohiya. Para sa iyo nga, opinyon mo nga. pero dahil ipinost mo dito, may nasabi ako at di ako sumasang-ayon sa iyo. Makialam ka naman! andaming taong nagugutom! buti ka, nakakakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw at okay lang ang manakawan ka. paano naman ang mga taong walang makain at walang manakaw sa kanila kundi ang dignidad at ang kinabukasan nila? mag-isip ka nga, Queency Chovaness Kerlibushebells. Iniinsulto mo ang sangkabaklaan sa pagpopost mo ng kamanhidan mo sa problemang ito. Saludo ako sa pagtulong mo sa ibang tao, pero manhid ka pa din.

  90. The above phone number still works. I live in HK and this issue got me teary eyed. What has happened to our country? What made me furious is the fact that they have transferred their (napoles family) their bank accts to hsbc hk and i just resigned from hsbc. Anonymous, do you have any idea which country the napoles family will be going? We cannot even trust the people in positions even the police men to stop them from fleeing the country. This is just so sad.

  91. The above phone number still works. I live in HK and this issue got me teary eyed. What has happened to our country? What made me furious is the fact that they have transferred their (napoles family) their bank accts to hsbc hk and i just resigned from hsbc. Anonymous, do you have any idea which country the napoles family will be going? We cannot even trust the people in positions even the police men to stop them from fleeing the country. This is just so sad.

  92. The Philippine society is being tested. For decades, Filipinos were slowly being manipulated, until to the point where the country became the most corrupt in Asia. Instead of society self-correcting to the anomalies introduced or exposed, people seem to adjust to the new norm. Yes, the new equilibrium level is then accepted, and the foundation set. The most recent self-correction occurred during EDSA 1, just because Marcos took it to the extreme. The big question is, when will the next self-correction be? My theory is, as long as the manipulators of this society do not cause direct harm to the middle class, the new societal equilibrium will be set.

  93. My heart bleeding for my beloved COUNTRY :’( … I can only pray that GOD will intervene in this problem and give us wisdom ON how to solve this CANCER …

  94. I agree with what you said abt their business especially in their website.. ngcreate pa sila ng website wala naman ako napala! This must be investigated! D lang dapat kalimutan! If proven guilty, grabe pwede bang pasapak? Ung ngwowork ka ng malinis tas ung maraming taong nagugutom sa Pinas then this??? Tsktsk

  95. Please check the Instagram accounts of jinggoy’s sons. (And save them before they delete/make it private). Lavish lifestyles too. Private jets and all. His 20yr old son also posted a photo evidencing his gambling in solaire. I think 21 years old ang legal age for gambling here in the Philippines.

  96. can somebody post the you tube of Gigi’s 50th birthday. (Enriles’s cos). i remember the face of janet napoles as one of the dancers. no wonder ….

  97. This article made me sad and feel helpless. Buti na lang hindi pa ako nagpaparegister as a voter, at wala na akong plano. Malala na ang graft and corruption sa Pilipinas, and I think there’s no solution for it. This is the worst human nature sin. Si God na ang bahala sa kanila. Oh God, give Filipinos strength to survive everyday. Kayo na pong bahala sa mga taong ganid sa kapangyarihan at pera. :(

  98. Iredesign ang pagaaprove ng proj!kung san Dapat middle classes na ang may last say sa approval ng budget sa isang project before pirmahan ng isang govt official.ksi ang lowest class mbbyaran while elite class pwdeng mging ganid.ang mid class nmn tlga bumubuhay sa economy, may mas holistic & matitinong desisyon higit sa lahat, mid classlng may krapatan mgtamasa ng public infrastructure and services.npansin ko lng, majority ng mga senador n involve sa PBARREL SCAM ay pbor mpadami ang mhihirap at nangmang through pagharAng sa RH BILL n pnkamahalaga sa reporma ng lipunan.

  99. Almost as much as I am apalled at this scandal, I am very glad that that we Filipinos are trying to keep ourselves informed and willing to take action (at least I hope we are). I wish that this outrage that will cause some real changes in this corrupt system.

    I am patiently waiting for more exposes like this. In particular I am interested in an expose on the corruption of Jesse Robredo, and how there was a massive cover-up on his illegal activities (not to mention his illicit affairs and illegitimate children) by the national and local government to create the image of an exemplary individual (almost a saint). Since there are so many people involved (like the Napoles scam), and particularly, so many of them are currently in power, this may be a lot harder to investigate.

    Thank you so much, dear author and everyone who participated in the comments for this insightful article.

  100. wala naman mangyayari dito..eh kasama pala si sen. bong revilla…sigurado ngiti lang nyan malilimutan na ang ninakaw niya ….kailangan talaga magnakaw ni sen bong revilla kasi andami niya kabit na binubuhay…papano pag nagutom sila sino magpapakain ha…kaya hayaan n natin magnakaw nakakaawa naman mga anak niya sa kabit nya pati kapatid nya sa labas hehehehe…o pati si copypaste sotto.. kaya pala maraming pera pinamimigay sa eat nabulaga..hahahaha…

  101. Pingback: Anonymous

  102. let’s face it.our country is hopeless. as much as I love the motherland, there’s no other way but to leave and never return.

  103. Did you guys bother to look at her profession? Her credentials? She’s a designer/ model. She finished her school with honors and with that much achievement in academia, I’m sure it was easy for her to get her ducks in a row. You can’t judge her, it’s not right. You can’t blame someone for having their shit together! Man-up, people! Man the hell up!

      • true… sad but true… it’s called crab mentality. If this shit didn’t blow up Filipinos will be crooning how great she is to be doing all this stuff…

      • kookie, anong crab mentality? crab mentality kung excellent accomplishment ang binabalita about kay jeane napoles at tinitira pa din sya. tama ka. kung walang bahid-dungis ang pangalan ng mga napoles, i will be crooning how great she is. ikaw ba hindi?

    • Model ng alin? Mukhang yun may kukuhang model? Please lang, fashion design is not even a lucrative business. Unless she’s a hoe, which will most likely be her career after this, pero di pa din siya kagandahan.

  104. There are a couple of senators i know of, and i am sure some congressmen who have set up their own ngo’s run by family members/relatives.
    Clearly the scam here is that pork barrel ( not their own – that would be too obvious) goes to a meaningless paper only ngo.
    “You scratch my back ( give to my ngo), and i’ll scratch your back ( give to your ngo).
    It all gets laundered in las vegas to buy houses etc.

    Any politician with clear links to an ngo is a red flag of corruption.

    Another reason no freedom of information bill. All can be done and money spirited away without the publics knowledge.

  105. Improper implementation of the Law
    Poor justice system
    Need tough President with sincere campaign against corruptions
    PH needs a leader like Robredo

  106. Kookai, I am afraid this is quite impossible as employees cannot divulge the info of the clients. In addition, HK people strictly adhere to rules and policies. In my own opinion, it would take a miracle for the Napoles to reveal the truth.

    • Nothing is impossible in this world if you want it badly. I’m sure you can ask friends to check the records no need to print anything. just for your own satisfaction…

  107. Magagawan ng paraan yan, but for a deeply rooted issue like corruption, it would take years, even decades before the problem is eradicated. Wag tayong umasa sa magic, or instant solutions, magtanim tayo ng mga solusyon na maaring anihin for years to come. Sabi nga sa 1984 ni George Orwell, “We are the dead”. And we might never see the light. But we must fight. We have a sense of duty and empowerment to make sure that our children will not grow up in a country plagued by corruption. Isabatas natin ang mga plataporma na magsusulong ng transparency. Kung kailangan alisin ang porkbarrel, so be it. Reward and protect whistleblowers. Higpitan ang parusa sa mga mapapatunayang corrupt. Lahat ng may bahid ng corruption, isuspende sa puwesto at i-ban sa mga susunod na eleksyon. Kung gusto, may paraan.


    R. I. P.

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  111. How in the world did Janet Napoles became one of the sponsors of Cong. Romulo and Shalani Soledad? Just don’t appear to me that they are dirty, unless pretty much every politician is in on this modus.

  112. “Anonymous” you so brave of revealing everything you know. can u post here kong sino pa mga Senators or Congressmen na involved because parang lahat na yata nanginginig sa takot kasi mga dambuhala at napakarami nila. blow it all the names you know and let this blog site basahin ng mga mamayan eevn iprint pa at ikalat.

  113. si marcos nga mas marami nanakaw wala nangyari eto pa kaya. taos mukhang iboboto a ulit ng mga tao si marcos.

    Ung mga epal ng eal sa internet, kung gusto nyo magbago buhay nyo at nang piliinas, umakyat kayo sa bundok at humawak ng armas.

  114. Atty. Bruce Rivera, just moved in to his new place in Alabang. He is the lawyer of Janet Lim Napoles. You do the math.

  115. This is only a partial list of the members of house of representatives that earned through JLN Corporation. Senators not yet included. Literal na tumulo ang mga dugo namin sa pagbibilang dahil natutusok mga daliri namin sa dami ng stapler sa mga resibo at kunsumido na kameng magbilang at magcompute kaya naka-round off to the nearest thousands or millions ang mga amounts dito. halo halo ang mga cash vouchers, MOA, resibo, cash disbursements, at kung ano ano pang mga papel na may mga pangalan ng mga tao na yan na hindi din namin kilala. yung ibang mga papel may mga dates in the year 2004 hanggang 2009 pero initial listing pa lang ito. May mga 2010-2011 pa dito.

    Sa mga nagsasabi na may hidden agendas mga anonymous dito, kung may hidden agendas sila or kame, hindi namin i-po-post ito ng libre at didiretso kame sa mga TV stations para benta namin mga nalalaman namin.

    Kaya eto, binibigay namin sa inyo ng libre. Hindi pa kumpleto yan at estimate namin, bawat tao dyan siguro kumita ng average na 5M isang tao. Pero sa pag-co-compute namin, mahirap pa din ang mga Napoles sa mga tao na nakalista dito kung ikukumpara sila sa isat isa kasi hindi naman pera nila Napoles ito, pondo ng mga tao na nakalista dito.

    Naka excel format ito kaso paglagay namin sa comment sections nagiba ng format. Ayaw na namin mag-edit, kayo na lang umintindi.

    Abdulgani Salapuddin
    Abdullah Dimaporo
    Alfredo Marañon Jr
    Alipio Badelles
    Amado Espino Jr.
    Ancieto Saludo Jr
    Angelo Montilla
    Antonio Cuenco
    Antonio Floirendo Jr.
    Antonio Lagdameo Jr.
    Antonio Nachura
    Arrel Olaño
    Arthur Celeste
    Arthur Pingoy
    Augusto Syjuco Jr
    Aurelio Umali
    Bellaflor J. Angara Castillo
    Belma Cabilao
    Benasing Macarambon Jr.
    Carlos Padilla
    Cecilla Seares Luna
    Celso Lobregat
    Charity Leviste
    Conrado Estrella III
    Cynthia Villar
    Danton Bueser
    Didagen Dilangalen
    Doglas Cagas
    Edcel Lagman
    Edelmiro Amante
    Edgar Espinosa
    Edgardo Chatto
    Edwin Uy
    Emilio Espinosa Jr
    Ernie Clarete
    Erwin Chiongbian
    Exequiel Javier
    Faustino Dy III
    Fausto Seachon Jr
    Federico Sandoval II
    Felix Alfelor Jr.
    Felix William Fuentebella
    Florencio Miraflores
    Francis Escudero
    Francis Nepomuceno
    Francisco Perez
    Fredenil Castro
    Generoso Tulagan
    Gerardo Espina Sr
    Gilbert Remulla
    Glenda Ecleo
    Gregorio Ipong
    Guimid Matalam
    Harlin Abayon
    Herminio Teves
    Hussin Amin
    Imee Marcos
    Isidro Real Jr
    Isidro Rodriguez Jr.
    Jacinto Paras
    Jesnar Falcoon
    Joaquin Chipeco Jr
    Jose Apolinario Lozada Jr.
    Jose Solis
    Josefina Joson
    Josephine Ramirez Sato
    Juan Pablo Bondoc
    Juan Ponce Enrile Jr
    Jurdin Jesus Romualdo
    Liwayway Chato
    Lorna Silverio
    Magtanggol Gunigundo
    Manuel Ortega
    Manuel Zamora
    Marcelino Libanan
    Mauricio Domogan
    Mayo Almario
    Monico Puentevella
    Napoleon Beratio
    Nenet San Juan
    Orlando Fua Jr.
    Oscar Garin
    Oscar Moreno
    Oscar Rodriguez
    Plaridel Abaya
    Prospero Amatong
    Prospero Nograles
    Prospero Pichay Jr
    Rafael Nantes
    Raul Del Mar
    Raul Gonzalez
    Renato Unico Jr
    Reynaldo Uy
    Robert Barbers
    Roberto Cajes
    Roberto Puno
    Rodolfo Albano Jr
    Rodolfo Plaza
    Rolex Suplico
    Romeo Jalosjos
    Rommel Amatong
    Romualdo Vicencio
    Ronaldo Andaya
    Roque Ablan
    Roseller Barinaga
    Ruben Torres
    Sally Ponce Enrile
    Samuel Dangwa
    Soraya Jaafar
    Tomas Dumpit
    Trinidad Apostol
    Vicente Sandoval
    Victor Sumulong
    Vida Espinosa
    Zenaida Ducut

    • Each name here with its respective equivalent amount is only a summation of 2-4 months worth of transaction. We have not completed adding all receipts, documents, etc for the 2004-2011 period.

      We are still not sure if we want to do this because we are tired already and pissed. you can now imagine the value of each representatives. Ask yourselves, how many months are there in total from 2004-2011?

    • Each name here with its respective equivalent amount is only a summation of 2-4 months worth of transactions with JLN. We have not completed adding all receipts, documents, etc for the 2004-2011 period.

      We are still not sure if we want to do this because we are tired already and pissed. you can now imagine the value of each representatives. Ask yourselves, how many months are there in total from 2004-2011?

      • baka pwede nyo i-submit sa Wikileaks yang mga receipts at documents para magkaroon ng international exposure

      • baka pwede mo i-submit yan mga receipts at documents sa WIKILEAKS para magkaroon ng international exposure tong corruption sa pilipinas

    • Anonymous, can you make sense of Mr Tiglao’s claim sa article na ito? He says on the first paragraph:

      “It is the pork-barrel-scam accusers’ allegation that P900 million in Malampaya Funds were stolen by one Janet Lim-Napoles that reveals that the claims are an utter fabrication, even a sloppy one at that. How the Malampaya funds got into the picture also points to the brains of this propaganda plot.”


    • Lahat ata ng mga tao dito sa administrasyon ni Glorya Makapalangmukhako Arroyo diba? Asan na ba si pandak ngayon? Hindi lang dapat yung mga tao na nakalista dito ang managot, pati dapat si Glorya Makapalangmukhako Arroyo.

      Isoli ninyo mga buwis namin na ninakaw niyo hoy! Mga magnanakaw!

    • I think it’s sad that the only way to express our dismay and anger is through a blogpost. In an earlier comment someone said that he doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect him. This is definitely a shocking reaction from someone who even took the time to read the post and through the comments. Siguro nga we can no longer rely with the government and media that we have now. So papabayaan na lang ba natin ito? We should let them know we wanted better governance. We deserve better. Siguro best way is to do a boycott. If everybody who feels sick with what’s happening to our government abstain from giving their votes then these politicians would realize that true power is still with the people. Boycott the coming baranggay and sk elections! Tutal dyan naman naguumpisa ang mga gagong yan!

    • I think this list is not updated. Ancieto “Odong” Saludo, Jr. is no longer the congressman of the lone district of Southern Leyte. The Mercados are ruling Southern Leyte now.

      - from a Southern Leyteño

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  117. I was once offered to create development projects using the PDAF of some senators, especially the reelectionists during the 2013 elections. That was between 2011-2012. The deal was: 60/40. That is 60% goes back to the senator to be used as campaign funds, and 40% goes to the ‘project’ and others. The ‘others’ here meant people who are involved in the transaction, which all in all they will get 20%. The project proponent gets 20% of the amount. The lowest amount offered was Php2 million. I initially entertained the offer. I submitted 3 project proposals with the total amount for funding of Php6 million. I foolishly involved three cooperatives with the intention that the 20% we’d receive would be used for the ‘real project.’

    But there’s something that struck my senses when I brought the coop leaders to the Senate in June last year (2012) for a meeting with a senator and a couple of senate staff who would process the papers — that I could only be used by politicians as a pawn in their game. I was even introduced to Sandra Cam, the whistle blower that Lacson and Erap used against Gloria Arroyo. After the meeting I went straight back home and thought carefully about the consequences of my action. I decided not to pursue nor to follow it up. My conscience could not simply take it.

    Even if the people would pressure Congress to remove the PDAF, legislators would not heed because it is necessary for them because their constituents would demand from them concrete, visible projects. But COA should demand full accountability; PDAF disbursements should be audited. After all its the public’s money and not to be used for discretionary by indiscreet politicians.

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  119. I was once offered to create development projects using the PDAF of some senators, especially the reelectionists during the 2013 elections. That was between 2011-2012. The deal was: 60/40. That is 60% goes back to the senator to be used as campaign funds, and 40% goes to the ‘project’ and others. The ‘others’ here meant people who are involved in the transaction, which all in all they will get 20%. The project proponent gets 20% of the amount. The lowest amount offered was Php2 million. I initially entertained the offer. I submitted 3 project proposals with the total amount for funding of Php6 million. I foolishly involved three cooperatives with the intention that the 20% we’d receive would be used for the ‘real project.’

    But there’s something that struck my senses when I brought the coop leaders to the Senate in June last year (2012) for a meeting with a senator and a couple of senate staff who would process the papers — that I could only be used by politicians as a pawn in their game. I was even introduced to Sandra Cam, the whistle blower that Lacson and Erap used against Gloria Arroyo. After the meeting I went straight back home and thought carefully about the consequences of my action. I decided not to pursue nor to follow it up. My conscience could not simply take it.

    Even if the people would pressure Congress to remove the PDAF, legislators would not heed because it is necessary for them because their constituents would demand from them concrete, visible projects. But COA should demand full accountability; PDAF disbursements should be audited. After all its the public’s money and not to be used for discretionary by indiscreet politicians.

    • are you the same Anonymous? sa dami ng Anonymous, mukang hindi lang iisa ang may nalalaman sa inside job sa Senado. nakakasuka talaga!

      yang PDAF talaga ang root of all evil. hindi naman responsibilidad ng mga mambabatas ang gumawa ng projects. magsulat ng batas at magpasa ng batas ang trabaho nila. sinimulan nila kaya humihingi ang mga tao. kung walang PDAF at alam ng lahat na walang PDAF, walang manghihingi.

  120. To make a soil fertile again so that good plants may grow and that one can benefit from it, you need to cultivate the soil, uproot the grasses and allow the ground to breath.

  121. While we appreciate you sharing to the public what you know. I guess the biggest question would be.

    1. What would our government do about this? Will they jail everyone who’s involved?
    2. What would the government do to stop this from from re occurring?

    We can say anything we want here, however if the government doesn’t do any thing about this wala na talaga tayo pag-asa.

  122. Matagal ng nangyayari ang mga sinabi ni Anonymous
    mas marami nga lang talaga ang masasama ngayon na nakapwesto
    kilala ng mga politiko at may pwesto sa gobyerno ang bawat isa
    bawat isa ay may tinatagong baho
    kaya protektahan na lang sila
    at ang tingin nila sa mga nabubulgar ay minalas lang at may nakaalam na iba

    hindi agad agad masosolusyunan ang mga iyan
    sa People Power hindi lang masa ang sangkap nyan para magtagumpay
    kailangan din ng mga taong may kapangyarihan

    sa ngayon , pwedeng magsimula ng group o movement yung mga nandito sa blog na ito
    sa pagsasama sama kung marami tayo makakabuo tayo ng pwersa para labanan ang mga baluktot sa gobyerno pero kung kanya kanya tayo at puro magtuturuan ng kikilos wala pa rin mangyayari

    sa mga may leadership abiliities , ” START NOW and COUNT ME IN!”

    • “Toto Causing, the “journalist” who first released the pictures of Jeane Napoles pictures and video, is an administration hack…

      And let’s remind him that perhaps no one will beat Kris Aquino and President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino when it comes to living it up on her parents’ name and wealth — which, if we are to believe, has its roots in the stolen funds of the Philippine Revolution and Hacienda Luisita.”

      • Reliable? Mukha mo.

        Give Napoles the benefit of the doubt, then hurl everything you know at the Aquinos? Ganyan ba reliable? Pwede pa siguro unreliably inconsistent. O medyo hypocrite.

        Pero ano pa ba maasahan ko sa site na pati si Chito Miranda pinatulan pa?

    • iho, kakagawa lang nung blog na sinasabi mo. sayang lang binabayad sayo ni jenny. umisip ka pa ng magandang paraan para sa crisis control na ito para sa mga amo mo.bobo. tsk tsk tsk.

    • Ever reliable nyo mukha nyo. Kayo nila Benedict Ignacio(benign0) at ni Imelda Claraval(Ilda) ay mga bayaran ni Marcos at GMA mga salot at magnanakaw sa lipunan at mahilig manglait kay PNoy at sa mga Pilipino…..kayo ang dapat mag Get Real mga bayaran

  123. How about sharing the explosives to Cheche Lazaro? I mean I’m sure she will be able to find a way to interview mr anonymous creatively and without implicating him/her.

  124. Mr. Anonymous and other fellow concerned citizens, is there a chance that we can form our own PROBE TEAM or PCIJ kind of investigative reporting without having to implicate ourselves by showing up?

    • I’m one of the ‘anonymous’ commenters. And I’m willing to share my story and experience about the 60/40 offer of PDAF misuse. I still have my project studies and people who could confirm my story. It should be an opportunity for investigative journalists to dig deeper into the issue. It is a ‘scandal’ that government should resolve.

      • please! we need people like you. nalulunod na kami sa corruption. someone has to stop them. please please.

      • Anonymous, ano pa inaantay mo, dito mo na ipost kasi dito na nasimulan. We dont need to confirm your stories. Just tell it all here and write all the names. All of us will be waiting my friend. Complete details please.

    • I have left comments on the following sites: Yahoo, Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. I asked the public to be aware of this blog so as to be informed (i even gave the link). Unfortunately, I can no longer see my comments. They have been removed. tT.TT

  125. Aside from these corrupt politicians, the cbcp also are scums. 40B in stock investments..
    Why do they have this big amount of money?

  126. My heart hurt upon reading this, both because of horror and hope. I’m part of the “middle class” and I’m in my mid/late-twenties, what they all promise to be the position of having a bright, instagram-worthy future with the whole world at our disposal. When in fact that’s not entirely true. It’s a lot to process in the middle of all the false advertising and notion of cosmopolitan progress that they push in our faces pero wag po kayo mag-alala, marami po sa amin ang may malasakit at nagsisimulang magtanong at mag-push back! Maganda nga po sigurong mag-save tayo ng kopya nitong conversation na ito para hindi ito mamatay katulad ng lahat ng isyung pinapatay ng mgakaduda-dudang balita at nakakabobong entertainment.

    I know a lot of research needs to be done but thank you for this because it encourages people to admit that the first step in knowing is to acknowledge the fact that we don’t know everything. In my honest opinion though, I think it would be more helpful if people avoid the unnecessary cusses and tasteless jokes so as not to waste the time of people who actually want to read more about the issue at hand. Exchanging differing views is and facts in a healthy way is exactly what we need to put the pieces together. All the “putangina” o “hahaha ang bobo mo wrong spelling” just wastes time and bandwidth. Kung pwede naman magtanong o magsabi ng opinyon sa maayos na diskurso, mapa-English man o tagalog o hindi perpektong attempt at either or any dialect/language, ba’t di natin subukan? If we’re all here on a quest for THE truth, edi hindi tayo yung magkakaaway. I-lugar nalang natin yung sense of humor at pagka-aggressive, madaming namamatay sa baseless mass panic kaya at this point importante ata na maging maingat tayo sa paraan ng pananalita natin. We need all the wits and energy we need to fight the REAL enemies who keep the dumb dumb and the hungry hungry. Try to enlighten us with respect and we’ll listen.


    assuming each of them is married:
    x = 2

    each couple has children, average of 4
    y = 4

    each couple has parents
    z = 4

    total family members A
    A = x+y+z
    A = 2+4+4
    A = 10

    each couple has an average extended family members of 10
    w = 10
    x = 2
    u = wx
    u = (10)(2)
    u = 20

    B = A+u
    B = 10 + 20
    B = 30

    ** Assumption that misstresses are not included.

    24 – senators
    288 – house representatives

    S = 24B
    S = (24)(30)
    S = 720 combined total of senators and their family members

    H = 288B
    H = (288)(30)
    H = 8,640 combined total of members of house of representatives and their family members

    G = S+H
    G = 720+8,640
    G = 9,360

    98% of the tax you pay is being fed to the lavish lifestyles of 9,360 people. Only 2% is brought back to you by means of “waiting shade projects” “basketball courts” “elementary schools” “aspalto sa kalsada” “poso tubig” “fertilizer” “overpass” “footbridge” etc etc etc.

    Current population ng buong pilipinas is approximately 102M.
    Metro Manila population is approximately 20M.
    Ngayon, sabihin natin na 75% ng 20M na tao sa Metro Manila ay nasa edad 18-60, meron tayong 15M sa Metro Manila pa lang.

    15 Milliong pilipino laban sa 9,360 na mga tao na nakikinabang ng buwis na binabayad nating lahat para lang ipakain at buhayin ang mga maluluho nilang lifestyles. Bakit tayo matatakot?

    Noong WW2, meron lang 20 aleman na sundalo para bantayan ang daang-daang mga hudyo sa mga concentration camps, at ano ending? halos maubos lahi ng mga hudyo at ang daming namatay sa kanila. Bakit? dahil takot sila at wala silang alam. Pero ngayon, asan ang mga hudyo? Matatalino na sila at hindi na sila takot.

    15milyong pilipino laban sa halos 10libong mga ganid na nakikinabang sa pinaghirapan natin – hanggang kelangan tayo magiging ignorante, walang alam at takot?

    15M vs 10thousand

    Kelangan na nating kumilos. Ayokong lumaki mga anak ko na nagtatrabaho para lang mabuhay ang mga magnanakaw.

  128. Justice shall prevail, hindi natutulog ang Dios, as it is written in the bible I chronicle in the old testament,” if my people shall humble themselves and pray, I will hear in heaven, and forgive their sins and heal their land . . .” LET US ALL PRAY AND KNEEL BEFORE GOD IN HEAVEN and ask for His divine intervention to heal Philippines. Thank You.

  129. Naubos na oras namin sa kakabasa dito! Hindi na ako nakaalis ng bahay! Hindi na kame nakanood ng sine! Manonood dapat kame pero nagbasa na lang ako dito! Mga hayup kayong mga magnanakaw! Isoli nyo pera namin!

  130. Ang sarap mabuhay sa Pilipinas, knowing na ang buwis na binabayad ng ating mga mahal na kababayan ay napupunta sa pagpamper sa pamilya ni Napoles. Ang mga mahal na prinsesa at prinsipe :) Ang sarap, PUCHA, NAPAKASARAP! :3

  131. sana ang mga nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan sapitin ang maBANKRUPT, MAAKSIDENTE at HABAMBUHAY BALDADO…huwag PATAYIN para naman MARANASAN nila HIRAP NG BUHAY…

  132. what’s new with PHILIPPINES? It’s been a practice for Filipinos…to become rich and you are a talker even without a brain as long as you know how to steal…… join PHILIPPINES politics run for a goverment office…..it’s frustrating not only the higher officials maski nga ordinary empleyadong lang ng govierno natin kahit papaano makakurakot din sa kapwa……it’s common just notice pagdating mo sa Airport sasabihin wala ba tayo diyan……..simple but still pangongorakot…..follow up sa papers ganoon din………kung wala kang pasuksuk hindi lalakad ang papel mo……..hay……I think someone from that group was not contented about his/her share tha’s why this CASE is blown out………….Think about it…of all the stealing happening in our governmet offices this came out?At ang gagawin ano?wala bla..bla… bla lang till it fades away…….

  133. Actually, the uneducated and the tele serye watchers do not controbute to the tax. What’s to deduct from them? NOTHING!!! so they are not never affected. And that’s also the reason why they do not mind voting these corrupt politicians.

  134. Nakakatawa kayong mga ignoranteng pilipino! pa-english english pa kayo! Eh ano ngayon kung may listahan na yan? eh ano ngayon kung totoo na may pera sila na nanggaling kay Janet Napoles? Problema ba yun? or inggit lang kayo?

    Walang mangyayari sa kaka-ngawa nyo! Bakit, may nangyari ba sa kaso ni ampatuan? Oo nakakulong sya, pero para syang hari sa kulungan sa sarap kahit malamok! Ano nangyari sa mga “star witness” ek ek nila, naubos din diba? Oh asan sila ngayon? Wala na, patay na! yung iba nakikipag-areglo na lang at bibigyan na lang ng pera at balato ng mga ampatuan! Eh sa dami ng mga kongresman na andyan sa listahan, lahat yang mga yan may private army, uubusin lang kayong lahat mga hindot kahit madami pa kayo! Wala kayong magagawa!

    Ang bobobo nyo talaga, hayaan nyo na yang kaso na yan at wala din naman mangyayari at bumalik na kayo sa trabaho. At kayong mga ano-anonymous na kayo, hinahanap na kayo mga unggoy. bakit, kala nyo po-protektahan kayo ng mga tao dito? hahahahahaha, mga ignorante!

    Pa-ano-anonumous pa kayo, hindi naman kayo magkakapera dyan at hindi din kayo ililigtas ng mga nagsusulat dito dahil mga duwag din kayo. bumalik na kayo sa mga lungga nyo mga bobo!

    • your comment says it all.. isa ka ring mukhang pera at peperahan mo kapwa mo para lang mabili mo ang kapritso mo! tanga ka rin at bobo, ang tapang tapang mo eh ikaw din pa anonymous ka din.. sana ang binigay sayong pera na walang hiyang politikong yan ay ginamit mo sa para sa pag aaral mo para naman kahit anonymous alam mo ang spelling! Coward!

    • MAKIKINABANG KA DIN SA SINIMULAN NG MGA ANONYMOUS DITO OY! SHUT UP! dahil sa mga gaya mong tao kaya naging bulok ang Pilipinas!

    • Hoy! you are like those PIGS. You better say your real name here then so that I could post your comments here and to all newspapers and what will the world would say. Dr. Jose Rizal liberated the Filipino ignorance. Now, u need to be liberated of your ignorance of tolerating the corrupt officials. WALA KANG BAYAG PUTANG INA MO!

  135. Has this particular blog already reached the Napoles, Senators, Congressman and God knows who are involved? Is the media also doing cover-ups so as these facts will not reach the public? I have been leaving comments on Yahooand Inquirer by informing the reading public of this blog. Unfortunately, my comments with the URL, have been removed.

  136. Nice reactions, comments and contributions but most of all nice blog… pero teka, sinu sino ba ang nagbabasa nito… This is mere nothing but a word war … Mamayang Pilipino ang may gusto nito or ganitong klase ng gobyerno… Talamak sa ngayon ang scam hindi lamang sa PDAF at kung anu-ano pang Go’vt Projects. Easy money ang gusto ng mga kababayan natin kaya’t kahit alam na alam na malaki ang possibilidad na ma-scam sa kagaya ng halos 1000 networking na pinahihintulutan ng gobyerno upang ma hati hati ang attention ukol sa mga katiwalian ay pinapayagan ito. Wala ring gustong sumunod sa batas dahil puede naman bilhin ang batas lalo na nga sa lansangan… At kung gusto mo ng protection, mag iglesia ka ligtas ka na – tahasang pinagmamalaki ng 4 na taxi driver at 2 UV express na nasakyan ko dinig at kita ng mata at tenga ko kung paano nagkibit balikat na lang ang mga enforcer (local, mmda pati pulis). Kanya kanya ng pamumuhay ang gusto ng pinoy at kung saan may impluwensya ng ginhawa duon sila kakabit . Hindi na rin prayoridad ng mga Pilipino ang pag-aaral dahil ayaw naman suportahan ng gobyerno ang edukasyon baka nga naman matuto pa ang ito malathala ang maibunyag pa sa kanila na may ganitong pa lang mga pangyayari sa gobyerno. Hindi pa ebidinsya na wala ng bago sa pulitika ngayon??? Di ba kanya kanya ng kuta at tribo??? Bumalik na tayo sa panahon ng kanya kanyang teritoryo na wala ng pinag kaiba sa animal kingdom. Ang maimpluwensya ng pera lang may karapatan. Mag react ka sa blog na to magalit ka sa akin, sumama ang loob mo sa gobyerno, magpakamatay ka mag-isa sa pakikpaglaban mo sa panindigan, ma i pi feature ka lang pero hangang duon lang dahil walang magpapahalaga sa pagiging bayani at kung meron man, dahil gusto ka lang din pagkakitaan. Sinadya ng Gobyerno na nagsimula pa kay Cory Aquino ang ganitong pamamaraan ng buhay Pilipino upang mas lalo dumami ang hired killer bilang pinakamabilis ng pagkakitaan sa mga ginawa nilang mangmang na Pilipino.

    Mga kababayan kong Pilipino ang may gusto nito kaya kahit anong ngawngaw pa at reaction meron kayo gagamitin lang din ang mga yan sa datus ng hindi na maligayang Pilipino pero ilan lang kayo na nag uusap usap dito at di maglalaon … tsismis ang labas ng blog na ito.

    Rebulusyon daw ang kasagutan, pero sa mga lider na nagmumukahi nito ay mga taong hindi nakasama sa proyekto at naambunan ng corruption at kapag nakuha nya ang attention at simula ng bayaran sha mismo ang papako at magsisilbing makapili sa kanyang tagapaga sunod.

  137. i agree with you sir anonymous.. the idea of purging our system, our govt, our country… revolt.. it may be brutal and morbid but it seems the only rational way to change our current situation. war had done wonders in some countries and now they’re booming as ever.. sigh.. i still hope that our country will get through this and that one day we’ll be back to the days when we were once called the tiger of asia.

    • Ang DA sikat sa probinsya dahil alam naman natin na agri ang hanapbuhay doon. Kung meron problema dahil sa bagyo, drought o sakit sa palay atbp. ang pondo ng DA ang ginagamit para e abono sa nawalang hanapbuhay kasali na doon ang ibat ibang kagamitan sa magsasaka ika nga “livelihood program.” Meron na talagang pera assigned to the DA para e gastos at kung kulang man hindi na surprising na ang PDAF ng politiko ang gamitin walang sinu man ang mag question nyan dahil meron namang katwiran. Dahil dyan nag interest ang mga kawatan. Alam naman ng mga scammers na medyo mahina sa pag question ang mga simpleng tao sa probinsya kasali na ang kanilang politicos. Para sa kanila free money ang galing sa DA/PDAF dahil hindi yan kasali sa IRA ng bayan nila, so kung dadating and tulong di OKAY kung wala di wala tayong magagawa kasi at the end of the day “nagrequest” lang ng assistance ang mga bayan/mayors.



  139. fuck you napoles family, burn in hell. And to the daughter, jean napoles, you look like a whore who is proud to flaunt the ill gotten wealth

  140. Eto lang: Even the whistleblower himself is alleged to have used Pork funds. So ano yan… korap, naninira ng kapya korap… tapos gagamitin ang taong bayan para manalo sa kalaban? Doon tayo dapat hindi magpaloko. Ipaimbestiga lahat, pati na whistleblower.

    • Hindi kailangan genuis tayo para malaman na ang whistleblower naging membro ng syndicate na ito and ginagawa din niya ito for his own personal interest. That’s when immunity in exchange for testimony comes to play. In order to catch the big fish you need the smaller one on your side.

  141. I took pics on some of the interesting blogs , I will post it in social media, true or not about the contents let the people be the judge, but i believe it, I will do my my fair share to do something about it and hopefully people will do the same. If his blogs affect you and your gut feeling agrees, listen to it.

  142. Let me say something. Just my 2 cents on this. When Marcos was exiled and dethroned, as far as history is concerned, it was the late mother of Pnoy, Cory Aquino who started the pork barrel. Well maybe it was started in good fate but was abused and is continuously abused. I think we should start agreeing of Changing the LAWS. Let us all go for CHACHA or charter change, because with our present law, the lawmakers are just getting richer by the minute! Cant u see the reason why these money-hungry creatures do not like charter change???? Simply because they all benefit from this! And their corruption are being protected by it!!!

    So no matter how much you abhor janet napoles and the politicians under her hand, you can never put them on jail. They are the lawmakers and they know it better than us!!! They know their way out!

    Chacha is the way!!!!

  143. Actually, the teleserye watchers only, the bystanders, the uneducated and the unemployed are really not affected by these. Why??? Because they don’t pay tax that’s why they dont mind voting for these corrupt officials. Offeran mo ng pera lang yan tuwing election, lipat boto ng mga yan.

    And the funny thing is who really needs someone like Janet Napoles to raise or do a project? Kung ikaw bang pulitiko malinis ang intention mo, papayag ka bang 70% lang ng sinakripisyo ng mga taong magbayad ng buwis ang mapunta sa kanila?? True enough!!! They are so greedy that they even want a fall guy to front their dummy projects!

    I am really for constitutional change or charter change because with these laws, they are protected from doing such. Imagine even Pnoy couldnt do anything because it is not allowed by the law… No wonder why many politicians are anti chacha!!!! Mawawalan sila ng kumikitang kabuhayan.

  144. It’s time we do something about it. Let’s not discuss here primarily because the comments posted by “anonymous” above are being overshadowed. MommyJ please delete the useless comments. I’ll open a Facebook Fan Page na lang, do you agree? What shall we call it? People Power 4? We may also need someone like Miriam even though she might not be clean herself. There’s also this group Anonymous (mga hackers) who might help us.

  145. All people with first hand knowledge or hard evidence of corruption should anonymously expose all these corrupt individuals no matter who they are through WikiLeaks.
    Let the world know who they are, and what they are doing to the poor and helpless people of the Philippines.

  146. All people who has first hand knowledge or hard evidence of corruption and wrongdoing from any individuals or politicians can and should expose these people anonymously through WikiLeaks.
    Let the world see their true colors and how they are making the poor and helpless people of the Philippines suffer, while they are living like gods and kings.

  147. All people who has first hand knowledge or hard evidence of corruption and wrongdoing from any individuals or politicians can and should expose these people anonymously through WikiLeaks.
    Let the world see their true colors and how they are making the poor and helpless people of the Philippines suffer, while they are living like gods and kings.

  148. Grabe na talaga nangyayari sa bansa natin, we have to make a stand. Lets start making an organization, specifically tackling this issue. We should also inform some of the partylist org about this maybe they can help us. Lets start in forming a group, and start meeting up. Habang nandyan si pnoy…lets support him fight corruption. Lets go!

  149. in truth, a corrupt gov’t is better than anarchy…
    it just needs to change for the better. its a step to maturity of the gov’t.
    not that i wish it wasn’t any better. I do my part in this country…
    I pay my taxes… follow the law… I pray…
    war is easily said with its implications slighted.
    look to egypt… money is devalued… business down… famine… institutions not working…

    just civil war

  150. I’ve been following this JLN issue and I find it very disappointing. pustahan tayo, walang mangyayari sa imbestigasyon na eto kasi ‘malalaking tao’ ang mga involved. They will do everything with all their power to protect themselves. We really have a very poor justice system. maraming corrupt… It’s even more disappointing coz most of these corrupt people are ****-educated. Tama lang pala na lisanin ang bansang sinilingan. sa ganitong paraan, pwede ka pang tumulong sa bansa. Sana lang, sa aming bulubunduking lugar, hindi kami gagamitin sa mga ganitong mga modus…katulad sa Ifugao, as mentioned in a report, na ginawang beneficiary sa isa sa mga ‘foundation’ nila kuno na wala namang binigay na pondo. tsk tsk! Ipagdasal na lang natin sila…

    • I’m not leftist. It’s stupid. But the best solution is to boycott the coming baranggay and sk elections. Let the government know we want real governance

  151. Simula 9AM ngayong araw na to, lahat tayo sabay sabay punuin ng comment ang mga facebook pages ng GMA, ABS-CBN, TV5, INQUIRER, PHILIPPINE STAR at kung ano ano pa at sabihin natin na ang balita tungkol sa Pork Barrel Scam na ito ang gusto nating marinig at mabasa.

    Bakit hanggang ngayon wala pang Freeze ng mga bank accounts ng mga Napoles?

    Ano ang iba’t ibang mga korporasyon pa ang katulad ng JLN? Bago nila linisin ang mga records nito dapat malaman na nating lahat. Maniwala kayo sa mga nakaraang linggo isa isa na nilang sinusunog ang mga records ng ibat ibang kumpanyang sangkot sa ganitong gawain dahil iisa lang ang JLN sa pagkarami raming NGOs at mga Foundations na ganito ang layunin.









  152. sana may patutunguhan ang imbestigasyon kc parang puro witness lang ang meron, walang concrete evidence. baka mapunta lang sa wala. sana galingan naman ng kapulisan ang pagkuha ng evidence.

  153. i dont think senators and congressmen alike dont know about these bullshits with mrs napoles… they are all acountable and should all pay up to the last penny in jail…. MGA HAYOP TALAGA…

  154. I dont think senators and congressmen alike doesn’t know about their bullshits with mrs napoles, they should all be held accountable and pay up to the last penny in jail… MGA HAYOP TALAGA…

  155. ang galing ni bong revilla naka-akbay pa, naningkit ang mata sa pagngiti, unlike jinggoy ANAK KA TALAGA NI ERAP na parang kobra ang kara, pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh kayong dalawa KASAMA si LEON GUERRERO at ang HUKLUBAN GURANG na GANID at GAHAMAN. mga letche kayong mga katransaksyon ni NAPOLES

  156. Dear Haters and Bashers,

    I’m like writing you right now because you’re all so mean.

    You were like re-posting my pictures and stuff all over the internet and say hateful things about me and my family. It’s like, why are you doing these things to us?

    I mean, it’s not like bad for me to post those pictures in the first place. It’s like my account, you know? It’s just so sad that one of my friends on instagram betrayed me and leaked my photos like all over. To you who leaked my photos: You backstabbing b*tch! I mean, why did you do this? I, like, invited you to all my parties and stuff and you repay me with this?! I should’ve suspected you’re like a low life when you just gave me a bottle of cheap Bench branded perfume for my birthday. What a re-gifter!

    Now dearest bashers, let me tell you that I am like magna-cum-laude in my school. My dean was like, “if there’s a higher award we would give that to you” kinda thing? So, I can defend myself here and I will answer your criticisms like, one by one.

    So what if I have two Porsches? I mean, it’s like kinda common sense because we have like color coding all over the metro, you know? Can you blame my mom if she’s like concerned that I won’t be able to go out and shop on the day my car will be like color-coded and stuff? And what’s with “color coding?” I mean, they are basing it by numbers, shouldn’t they call it like “number coding” instead? Filipinos are like dumb, hee-hee. I wonder though, what day would they ban pink. Because pink is totally like my favorite color. I am planning the other to have my Porsches repainted as pink. That would be so cool, right?

    I remember this one time, at band camp, ah forget it, I just so love pink.

    Why are you, like, mad if I have two Porsches? Do you expect me to walk to my underwater yoga class every Thursday when I’m in Manila? Eeeow! I mean, I know right? I am like a victim too! Like you folks, I am against number coding! My mom won’t have to buy Elle (that’s the name I gave my second Porsche, by the way) if there’s no disgusting traffic, right?

    So instead of blaming me, why not like get rid of those filthy buses altogether. They’re like big and they take too much space. And is it really worth it? I mean, only those people from the demographic C and D’s are the ones riding it. And did you know the music they play there? I mean it’s like noise with those loud-mouthed DJ’s shouting every end of the song! Memo to buses: Change songs, will you? Buy some frickin CD players! Haven’t you heard of Kevin Lettau and Diana Krall?

    So let’s get rid of them altogether! C’s and D’s! Frickin squatters! I mean, they’re not really from here, right? They’re like from the provinces and they just go here and like squat on private lands and on those filthy esteros and bridges. It’s just like one of my mom’s kumare complaining the other day because they cannot use the land they acquired from the government for a very cheap price (I don’t know why- I overheard mom’s kumare saying “magic bidding” is it like a new government bidding system thingie?) to build a new posh mall.

    That’s why my mom’s very active in her organizations to make programs for those poor people. So that they can have, like, better lives and will stop bothering us anymore. What a mom! Love you, superwoman!

    So what if I post my P1 Million watches, my P300,000 designer bags and P300,000 designer shoes on instagram? I mean they are like gifts from my parents. I did not steal it. And like what my mom said on TV, they bought those gifts for me by working hard. I am so lucky to have very rich parents. They are loving too, by the way. They cannot stand me making a pouty face if they,like, don’t buy me what I want. So cute of me, right?

    I’m trying it hard to be a fashion designer here in the states. I’m like raising our flag here, so why are you mad at me? You should be proud of me ‘coz at 22, I already have a property here at the Ritz Carlton worth P80 Million. I’m like neighbors with the celebrities here. Are you mad at me because you’re kinda jealous? I mean at 22, what do you own? A credit card with a P15,000 credit limit?

    It’s just Loubotin, okay people?!

    Have you heard that awful rumor that we supposedly bought the whole content of a designer bag store? It’s like all lies. Frickin lies! You think we will carry all those bags out of the store? Eeeeow! Menial work! Why carry them if you can buy it online and have it delivered to your doorstep?

    Haters, get a life! You have no business in what I post on my instagram account. People say that I shouldn’t have posted those pictures in respect for those starving poor people. But what starving people are you talking about? I don’t see them on instagram! So how can my pictures affect them?

    And why are you saying that my mom is a criminal? Why are you accusing her of leeching pork barrel funds of P10 Billion and above! My mom and dad has legitimate businesses, they tell me. They don’t tell me what it actually is, but I am sure it’s legit. I mean, she is friends with powerful senators and congressmen! Can criminals be friends with Senators and Congressmen? I don’t think so. My point exactly. You just got schooled, son.

    Can criminals be friends with Senators and Congressmen? I don’t think so.

    And, let’s just say for a bit that those senators and congressmen indeed were scammed from their pork barrel funds. Don’t they have like accountants and staff that monitors the money they disburse? And are you telling me that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile who was supposed to be one of the victims, got scammed by my mom? Isn’t he like idolized by the whole country because he’s like super intelligent and stuff? He’s like 140 years old! Don’t tell me he was outsmarted by my mom? And what about Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla? Hello! They are intelligent people, that’s why Filipinos elected them in the first place, right? They are like future presidents and vice-presidents for chrissakes! What about Sen. Bong Bong Marcos, he’s like the son of the most intelligent president, right? You have videos and stuff floating around youtube and facebook on how great his dad was. Haven’t you heard of DNA? Case closed ‘yer honor.


    I was asking